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User Info: drclaeys

4 years ago#1

( spoilers )

I just finished the game last night. I did alot of research to see how the final two endings play out.

I have seen alot of comments about the 1st island being the best. I felt I had a reason for taking outposts. a reason for doing stuff. Once I got to the second island, my raknet ( sp) guys kinda left me alone, and I felt very disconnected. hardly no dennis, hardly no queen lady Citra.

THEN in the end, she says for me to kill my friends because she loves me. WHAT??? I was with her all of like 3 minutes this entire game. The temple was locked, I could not even get in.

The second island was kinda bland. The ending was kinda bad/letdown. I know IM use to RPG, so Im into stories, and this is more of an action game. But you could HOPE for more.

Other then that, fine looking game. Thank you.
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User Info: DuneMan

4 years ago#2
Yeah, the entire second island is set up only by Jason supposedly wanting to kill Hoyt out of revenge.

Citra's crazy. She's trying to manipulate Jason for her own ends as part of her god complex. Picking her ending is far worse fate than going back to Malibu with Liza.

For the second island to have much appeal you're expected to accept that Jason is going along with her influence and wrestling with the thought of turning his back on his friends. Otherwise he should have stuck around in the cave with the other folks and rode the boat out to leave all the crazy behind.

About her temple being locked, you can actually walk around to what I call the 'back porch' section up on a bluff, then get into the back courtyard. The first room with the tree still eludes me, though I have a few ideas to try yet in an attempt to force my way into that area.
"I'd rather betray the world than let the world betray me." -Cao Cao

User Info: FreakyFranc

4 years ago#3

I liked the 1st island,it serve as a good start and help understand the basics and sets up for a story about survival and revenge.

Even if Jason wouldnt have killed Vaas during the 1st island events and saved most of is friends (except his younger brother since he originaly tought he was dead) something tell me that Vaas or even Hoyt wouldnt had let them escape easily.

The same would go for after Jason killed Vaas,Hoyt wouldnt not let him escape after what he had done to his control of the 1st island and would had send helicopters to find their boat and destroy it,as long as both Vaas and Hoyt were alive they never were free to escape.

The 2nd island was also kind of nice,of course it felt less connected to the 1st island with only Denis phone talks been the only connection with it.

But what i liked about the 2nd island is that to me it felt like the original Far Cry and its remade version FC Instincts(i liked those ones),with all those mercenaries and Jason having all those skills learned that he his now kinda like an expert soldier.

It might had been all revenge during this island story (2nd island) but then came the story twist,his younger brother was still alive.

Of course he could had killed Hoyt immediately after he saw his brother,then escaped with him and Sam(the german) to the 1st island then either join his friends escape on a boat or let them go and stay on the island since it was before Dennis and Citra decided to make Jason kill them because of them thinking that he must get rid of his past to become a warrior.(Dennis started doubting Jason path as a warrior after his 2nd phone call on the 2nd island,that what made him think to use Jason Friends since they were obstacles to Jason becoming a warrior)

Im also surprised that Dennis is not jealous of Jason having Citra attention/love even if he also love her.

Also i dont think Vaas is really dead,when you kill Buck and Hoyt we know they are dead since we can see their bodies on the ground,but when we fight Vaas we never see his body.(Wich would be nice if we consider what if the 'real life experience' video was kinda like a sequel to Far Cry 3 good ending with the events of the game being real and peoples decided to make a video game out of it then they sent Christopher Ment Plasse for their document video,by then Vaas took Rook island by himself and became the king of the island)

And one final thing,i always wondered if Jason (in the good ending) ever went back to bangkok to take care of Doug the DJ who was one of Vaas spotter.(pretty obvious that he his one of Vaas spotters when you do the flashbacks by taing the drug pills in the boat cave)

User Info: DuneMan

4 years ago#4
After making more attempts to get into the first room of Citra's Temple with the tree it turns out there is an invisible wall stretching up into the sky all around that area. Also, even if you manage to make it over the front wall and past the front door, there's an invisible ceiling just inside that keeps you from dropping to the ground.

There isn't much to see there post game anyhow. The torches stay lit, but the interior temple grounds are totally devoid of NPCs. So the most you can get out of it is looking at the mural hallway whenever you want.
"I'd rather betray the world than let the world betray me." -Cao Cao
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