Favorite Moments In The Story *Obviously Major Spoilers*

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User Info: UnknownWin

4 years ago#1
Freakin' love this game, I'm going to post my favorite moments in the story here.

1 - At the very beginning, after Vaas kills Grant (Jason's brother), he decides to not kill you saying that the jungle will kill Jason without any worries. Surprise, surprise, because of this decision, Jason saved all his friends, killed Vaas and Hoyt and Citra and liberated all the islands and s*** ton of pirates and Hoyt soldiers.

2 - After saving Keith, honestly I'm against rape and totally hate it, and nobody deserve it no matter how bad they are. But Jeez, This dude was a total ass and lied about Jason's little brother being dead just to leave the island quickly because he is a c*nt, He doesn't want Jason to look for his brother and waste time instead of leaving the island, I didn't believe Keith anyway when he said that Riley was dead.

3 - Meeting Sam, At first I thought that this man is going to betray me, but holy crap without him, Jason couldn't save Riley and Kill Hoyt, Such an awesome character and I'm pretty upset for him, Seeing him die in such a way made me pretty angry, And I liked the whole "Uncle Sam is american" conversation hahaha xD.

4 - Saving your friends, damn, they did a pretty good job with the music playing in all the scenes at the end of the game, The ending made me satisfied, Which is something most game endings never do to me. And by the way, who the hell would choose to join Citra? Why would you leave everything you did behind and join that b****? And the most frustrating part about the bad ending is that she kills Jason, But in the good ending she sacrifice her life to save him. B*** is crazy.

I would love to see Hollywood making a movie about Far Cry 3.

Post your favorite moments! And tell me your opinions about the moments I mentioned :P

User Info: FranticFrenzy

4 years ago#2
For your 2 - I really think Keith thought Riley did die. He said
Riley was shot (which he was) and was dead (probably unconscious).
But yeah, I didn't believe Kieth about it. Shame on him.

As for me, I loved the Vaas battle/hallucinations. And Sam.
Lol Sam... Blitzkrieg!! -rushes into battle-
"My life is a chip in your pile!" -Setzer.
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