did i get a good deal?

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User Info: travisem16

4 years ago#1
i just bought this brand new and sealed for $30 bucks, did i over pay or did i get a good deal
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User Info: BigBadBurch

4 years ago#2
Probably a good deal, seems to be what most retailers are selling it for now new.

User Info: VisualPendulum

4 years ago#3
New for $30? Of course you did. I regret buying it at full price though.

User Info: vind3d

4 years ago#4
I paid $30 for mine too, including free shipping. Kinda' late to the party though.
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User Info: Commander_Greil

4 years ago#5
EB still has this listed as 59.99 so half price is always a good deal. I just got mine for 20 bucks so I'm hyped.
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  3. did i get a good deal?

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