This game is great but i'm stopping...

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User Info: papaya

4 years ago#11
Would be great if you point out exactly what i did wrong and why it's not boring.

I'm not the kind of guy that play games for the sake of Trophies. i see very little value in trophies. also i don't play the multiplayer mode.

Thermador446 posted...
papaya posted...

I've hunted most animals i can find other than those that require safehouse takeovers to unlock missions, i've gathered alot of artifacts & hidden chests whenever i can find them, i find little value with those items since they only bring money which is not a really big problem unless you want to upgrade all weapons since i can only choose 4 weapons i don't see a point.

Most missions are just hunting & killing pirates.

So i hope i'm wrong about the game. While it's fun & offer lots of freedom to run around, it ends up repetitive after few hours of play.

Yes, you are wrong. If you read what you wrote, you'd realize that.

You're problem is that you're f***ing around with BS too much. & then complaining about it. Just pointing out the real reason

User Info: GTA_Edm

4 years ago#12
papaya posted...
Somehow i enjoy the original Far Cry more than 2 & 3. It's more similar to Crysis 1.

Even though Far Cry 1 doesn't have side quest, i have spent alot of time roaming the places just to enjoy the view.

Same goes for Crysis 1.

However in Far Cry 3 i find it less interesting to roam around maybe i'm to fixated with side quest, radio stations, huntings & finding treasures that i don't get to enjoy the beauty of roaming around.

I really enjoyed the first Far Cry too. For the time, it was a fantastic looking game and played really well. Finally, a game you could take cover in the jungle and actually lose pursuers. It was a pleasure to play.

That is, until you get to the part with genetically altered gorillas/monkeys. That part just seems so stupid to me. The game, up to that point, was a fairly realistic military shooter (compared to something like Quake 2). But then having to take on mutant monkeys that could do super leaps and kill you with one hit? What the f*** was that? I played on for a few more levels then just lost all interest in the game. What a 180 degree turn it took, in my opinion. lol

User Info: GoatJugSoup

4 years ago#13
If you don't enjoy the side quests simple solution to that is not to do them. As you get further into the game different enemy types come out (armored goons, sniper goons, armored flamethrower goons) and they all take a different strategy. You get more weapons, unlock new abilities (like the flight suit / parachute).

Seriously I don't get people who get overwhelmed with side quests and get turned off a game, ideally yes they would offer more variety but in the case that they don't and you don't enjoy what they do offer then ignore them.
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  3. This game is great but i'm stopping...

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