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User Info: CatFood

4 years ago#1
First let me say that I don't currently have internet at my new apartment.

Now, I finally picked up FC3 a few weeks ago and I'm totally digging it.

Thing is, I got it used.

So, is this Uplay code no good since I didn't buy a brand new copy? Essentially making playing online not an option for me?


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User Info: o0o_Shadow_o0o

4 years ago#2
Yeah more then likely the code has already been redeemed, However it wouldn't hurt to try and redeem it. I have read a few topics where people bought used games and got lucky and could redeem the code. However if it doesn't work and you want access to multiplayer content you can head to the PS Store and buy an online pass for $10

User Info: ZeroCool000111

4 years ago#3
do you still need a uplay code for the game? if you do. send me a message on the ps3.
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User Info: VinceTheBone

4 years ago#4
online mode is free! you only need the pass if you want to level up over rank 15...
I would have give you mine since I only needed the pass for online trophies. but I wasn't aware of 'free' online so I used it right away sorry.
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