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User Info: Warmdrift

4 years ago#1

Sometimes i folow the map to get a relic and it just isn't there, what am I doing wrong?
Are some underground maybe?

Thanks :))
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User Info: bongobreak

4 years ago#2
Yes, some are underground.

Look at the map for small, dark blue coloured patches nearby - these are caves and tunnel entrances. These are your way in to the underground areas.

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User Info: DuneMan

4 years ago#3
Use the map to mark them and it highlights them while playing, showing any elevation differences.

Some tips: If underground, look for nearby water or black spots on the map to gain access. Bring a shotgun for blasting through breakable stone walls, marked by a circlular symbol.
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User Info: drclaeys

4 years ago#4

Everyone has this question. I THOUGHT they were in trees at first. Silly me. NOpe, underground.

caves, or swimming in water, or something like that. I put c4 on those doors, and then shoot the c4 and blow it up. of course, you dont know that at first either. you just shoot it a few times with your regular gun, nothing happens so you walk away.

There are no many tricks, but these are a few of them. good luck with you relic hunt.

Thank you for sharing.
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User Info: Warmdrift

4 years ago#5
Thanks everyone for replies :)
Prodigy Fan!

User Info: James_Upton

4 years ago#6
If they are above you and You can't reach them. You will need a near by hang glider to get to them.

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