Looking for someone for "High Tides" Co-Op

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User Info: SLRSpeedshop

4 years ago#1

I'm looking for one or more people who have the free "High Tides" Co-Op DLC. I've surfed around on public, but have not found anyone with it. If you want to play, or have any questions for me (as this is my first post), just hit me up.

User Info: bongobreak

4 years ago#2
I'm always interested in playing any of the co-op missions.

It's a pity there are only two extra levels in the 'High Tides' DLC, as they are both pretty good - a little harder than the others imo.

I know what you mean regarding the lack of players - I've been playing them solo - (split-screen, two controllers) - as there are very few players who play those levels.

Anyway, if you're still interested, send me a friend request with FC3 High Tides co-op or something to that effect in it.

My PSN ID is:


I am in the UK (GMT), and usually play from midnight onwards - which is 7pm EST I believe.

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