A very disruptive, offensive troll....

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User Info: bongobreak

4 years ago#1
....is currently attempting to ruin the co-op experiences for others on the UBI servers.

I don't usually post these type of 'naming and shaming' messages - I try to rise above their pettyness and just move on, but I feel that the actions of this individual were so utterly appalling, that I should warn others in case they should attempt to indulge this dangerous pest.

I'm sure this is beginning to sound like a bitter rant, but this individual somehow managed to affect the game by causing it to 'stall', and thereby no progress could be made.

It started with an offensive message ordering his fellow players to get out of the lobby if they cannot handle insane mode - his use of foul language was unnacceptable, as was his incredibly rude requests to leave if we had pistols or sniper rifles in our loadouts - he even said that he wasn't there to revive others as he is not a 'baby-sitter'.

I personally have begun to really enjoy the challenge of insane mode - you really do need to have your wits about you to attempt it - and having played every level many times now with a group of very skilled online friends, I feel that I am qualified to do so.
So (perhaps mistakenly) I responded politely, stating that I knew what I was doing.
Well, after a few revives (we all inevitably struggled at times on insane) he begins spamming us all with crude messages about how useless we all are and that we should stick to casual mode - littered with his now familiar offensive language.
I wouldn't have minded so much, but he himself was in need of a revive, way into enemy ground, and we simply could not get to him without committing suicide.
(Oh yeah....and his weapon of choice?....a sniper rifle! LOL)

Then the trouble really starts!

At checkpoints he would run ahead, skirting the boundaries, in order to checkpoint kill us, while we were busy fighting bad guys.

He would stand idle at the start of a section, so that when we entered an enemy position, the increased number of bad guys would be much tougher - perhaps hoping we all died - which actaully we managed to deal with, probably angering him more.

Of course he wouldn't get caught by boundaries himself - just staying one step inside a boundary at all times.

And finally, after targetting revives a few times and then sitting idle, while we struggled to revive our fallen friends, he somehow managed to 'break' the entire lobby!

We saw him at one point during Sidetracked dug into a safe spot, spinning pointlessly - we figured he was avoiding the idle kick - but at the next checkpoint, no bad guys, no boundaries, no gameplay!

This is clearly hacker style sabotage, and is utterly disgraceful in my book.

We agreed that we would wait it out (we had already blocked him from spamming us foul messages) and just move around the empty map til he got bored and left.
This took over an hour, but eventually he left, and we could at last enjoy the game - after several checkpoint restarts due to the game still being somewhat weird even after he'd gone.

In all he managed to waste an awful lot of time (his and ours) with his pathetic attempts to hijack the lobby, and sabotage it - which ultimately failed!

I sincerely apologise for this lengthy (and ranty) post, but I think other decent co-op players should be aware of this small-minded troll (who is actually a very average player, despite what he tells us! lol) - because he is out there and he has the ability to negatively impact the gameplay.

The name of this 'player' is Poison_Hand and I have submiitted his messages as grief reports to PSN.

I hope I haven't violated TOU by naming him, but it is important.
"Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former."
- Albert Einstein (1879-1955)

User Info: Logicmonger

4 years ago#2
Cry much?

User Info: x-DeOxy-x

4 years ago#3
I knew who you were talking about before I even read halfway through. I played in his lobby earlier, just a kid who's mad because mommy is shutting off the wi-fi if you ask me. Insane isn't even that hard, just time consuming since you have to move slowly through the stages.
"I'll buy you a drink in Hell boy!" - Old man, seconds before detonating a bomb

User Info: bongobreak

4 years ago#4
x-DeOxy-x posted....
....just a kid who's mad because mommy is shutting off the wi-fi if you ask me.

You may be right, I figured it was someone with an incredibly bad, chlidish attitude.
But how was he able to affect the game in such a way?
I have only heard of one such instance before on a different game - the offending player was somehow able to freeze/lock up an opponents PS3, after which he then taunted his victim via messaging.

On the subject of childish attitudes....

Logicmonger posted....
Cry much?

What a ridiculous thing to write on a public forum.
I congratulate you for your brazen disregard for your own credibility.
'No good deed goes unpunished' is a proverb that springs to mind and unfortunately this attitude is all too familiar nowadays.
Thankyou for restoring my hitherto relaxed cynicism of the human species to it's former low.
"Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former."
- Albert Einstein (1879-1955)
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