How good is this game?

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User Info: videogames75_5

4 years ago#1
I play all kinds of video games really. I don't really know anything about this game. is there another game i you compare it to? It's definitely worth paying like 25 dollars on amazon right?

I'm looking for a game that will waste a bunch of time. is this a good game for that?

User Info: leroypm90

4 years ago#2
I also bought this game a few weeks ago, for about $26 used (after the shipping cost), but have not played it. Judging from the great reviews across the board, it's probably well worth the money, and sounds like the 1-player campaign has at least 25 hours of gameplay, even more with all the side missions, so it sounds like it's definately a great buy

User Info: drclaeys

4 years ago#3

I am usually only into RPG's. But this game was very nice looking. Cars drove great. Animals acted very good. The trees and bushes look real.

It is light on story, but heavy on action. Its one of the better looking games on the ps3.

I think for 25 bucks thats a solid value. Not much replay value, because the story has no twists or turns. its on a rail. This is not dragon age or mass effect. But if you like shooting stuff, this is a good game.

You can download a demo. for blood dragon, which uses the far cry engine. thats pretty cool. But far cry teaches you how to play step by step. I found blood dragon just dumps you into the action after like 6 minutes. At least that was my feeling.

Thumbs up. Enjoy.
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User Info: spincr

4 years ago#4
Buy it, i bought it last weekend for 30,- euro on psn:) Downloading was pretty fast, and it was a great way to get access quick.

25,- dollar and you're goood:)
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4 years ago#5
"It is light on story, but heavy on action. Its one of the better looking games on the ps3."

DEFINITELY not light on story, compared to some other games that have had great scores. I loved the story in this game. I played it 4 times on the 360, and decided to buy it recently for the PS3 (Started playing it earlier).

It's a great game. I hated Far Cry 2, hated the instincts and predator games, but loved the original Far Cry. Out of all those, this is the one that comes anywhere near as close to the original.

Great game. I would recommend a buy, especially as it is probably cheap now.
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User Info: scitch1

4 years ago#6
a fantastic game especially for the price theres alot to do and its all fun to do aswell :)

everything works great , one of the best open world games ive seen/played

i also really enjoy the online stuff as a bonus

this game is a must own in my opinion
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