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User Info: scitch1

4 years ago#1
im pretty sure theres a problem with saving , i save my game from the menu maually after each session , i come back and some things i crafted and such are not there anymore , really annoying

i maulally save after crafting etc all the time

whats wrong ??
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User Info: Logicmonger

4 years ago#2
Make sure you load your manual save, and not the auto-save, when resuming.

User Info: scitch1

4 years ago#3
Ah thanks for that

i will use load game from now on instead of continue
PSN = scott_2781
3DS friend code = 3969 3933 8945

User Info: drclaeys

4 years ago#4

and it puts you back to your closest save house. Which always baffles me. I always think my save was WRONG. Why am I here, I was at that outpost. Then you have to do all that sneaking again. and random things happen.

I wish you just stayed where you were standing.

oh well, enjoy.
Dr. Darrell of Michigan
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