Just finished this yesterday. A damn good game. *major spoilers*

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  3. Just finished this yesterday. A damn good game. *major spoilers*

User Info: BlitzKing900

4 years ago#1
Again major spoilers ahoy.

Overall this game was better than I thought it was going to be. I thought that it might be a game which had a lot of promise but ultimately lacked content or was clearly rushed in certain areas (see Uncharted 3, Mass Effect 3). However this game seems to be the exact opposite. Surprisingly I ran into no glitches other than an infinite "on fire" animation in which I couldn't die or do any actions.

The gameplay is fantastic, the controls - shooting, takedowns, sliding into bushes and stalking enemies felt natural. The world was huge and varied. The second island felt a bit off for some reason - possibly the black sand beaches and more militarized enemies.

There was a lot of content - lots of radio towers, tonnes of outposts and sidequests with different little things to do. All the mini games added to it all. I got full value for my money.

Story and characters - they were better than I hoped. I knew before playing that Vaas was not handled well and that is really my only complaint with this game. Remove Hoyt and his soldiers and make the second island Vaas' base with all his pirates and you have gaming gold. The second island could have had more Vaas moments from the "Far Cry Experience" they did on youtube - heads in the sand and a few other bits.

The characters weren't as bad as people said. Yes your friends came across as a bit pretentious but I think that was deliberately overplayed to contrast them with the island and themes of the game. Keith was a broken man in the end so its not like they were unrealistic. So I was happy with that and liked Jason's journey. Poor Vincent got cut (in more ways than one).

The ending (I've seen both) where you save your friends only needed an extra 2-3 minutes to round things off. Possibly an escape to the boat (which somehow magically got out of the cave) and simple reunion and reflection as you left with Jason's monologue playing (Charlie Sheen in Platoon style). A bit more effort would have result in more emotional pay off.

There were other very minor nitpicks like hunting becoming obsolete on the second island, the later missions having forced action (especially the fuel depot one) and not being able to use the Ace playing cards to cheat in poker!

Tl;DR Overall a fantastic game that shows what can be achieved with games these days. Only major problem was the flat writing in the last 30% of the game.
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User Info: Warmdrift

4 years ago#2
Well put, infact I haven't really heard a bad word said against it :)
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User Info: drclaeys

4 years ago#3

( Spoilers )

very nice review. I am into rpg's and I think this would have made a great setting for an rpg.

I would have liked to save at my current spot, and not always go back to a safe house. I would have liked MORE story on the second island, not really less.

still a damn nice looking game. the jungle looked real, the plants look real. best driving around.

Thank you for sharing.
Dr. Darrell of Michigan
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User Info: superyoodle

4 years ago#4
I agree with everything you say, especially on the ending part.
They could have put in more of a epilogue, like what happened to everyone after they got back.
And the second island was pretty dull.
Just one question, who is Vincent ?
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User Info: BlitzKing900

4 years ago#5

He was cut from the game but he is mostly likely the friend who Vaas claims to have sliced open at the very beginning of the game.
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User Info: Spuma

3 years ago#6
A good game indeed, but I think it's a little repetitive. I mean, the towers, the bases, the killings... we always do the same stuff. For example I approach a base, try to snipe everybody and/or turn off the alarm and finish it. Every time. I also found several bugs and glitches, online and offline.
On the other hand, this is the game like every action/shooter/adventure should be. Long and deep offline campaign, coop and competitive online. Considering I paid it 15 euros I'm totally happy with it.
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User Info: analitch

3 years ago#7
Excellent game. Technically, a perfect open world shooter...but the story was not good imho. Blood Dragon got it right
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User Info: MEFreak1984

3 years ago#8
I agree TC. My only gripe (along with everyone else) was Jason in the beginning, I could not stand him. But he quickly became likable, and a badass.
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  3. Just finished this yesterday. A damn good game. *major spoilers*

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