So , the map editor ...

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User Info: Auraslight

4 years ago#1
Can it be played single player ?
I bought the game with it in my mind .

User Info: bongobreak

4 years ago#2
You can play the maps you create in 'test' mode - which is kinda like the SP experience.

I bought the game with the map editor in mind also, and the problems with MP notwithstanding, it is still the best aspect of the game for me, and is the only way I play the game nowadays since MP is now broken beyond repair in my opinion!

The fact that you can place enemy AI, vehicles and wild animals into the test maps but cannot play these maps in MP makes no sense, but nevertheless it's still the best map editor on the ps3 in my opinion.

It does have some issues, however, namely draw distances are terrible, and I really wish they had kept the resource counter and the snap tool from FC2 (to name a couple), but if you stick to small, twisty maps, with lots of cover it is really excellent - just remember to spread your map over a quad of 4 grids to maximise your resource availability (I'm sure you know this already!)

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User Info: Mega_Skrull

4 years ago#3
Hey, question. i remember I tried the editor like twice and I didn't like that it lacked things like the singleplayer perks, the camera or the stones. Is there a way to have them? Particularly the stones, I love them too much with stealth.
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User Info: Auraslight

4 years ago#4
I thought this board was dead imo.
That sucks anyways , why the f*** didn't they let us make single players maps. too much lost potential.
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