Did they ever patch the multiplayer?

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3 years ago#1
Specifically, I'm interested in the co-op play - I keep seeing topics saying it's pretty bad and glitchy but they were from a long time ago...

User Info: samperiharja

3 years ago#2
From my own experiences I can say the mp is still REALLY f*cked up. You can try it for yourself, but don't expect anything good from it.

User Info: Sunrie

3 years ago#3
Every so often the game won't load a section, but that's all I've experienced. At least for Co-Op. Stay off any of the PvP modes due to hackers and matchmaking making it one of the worst experiences ever.
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User Info: bongobreak

3 years ago#4
Agreed - MP is not worth the hassle - you will be especially disappointed if you are coming from the 'FC2' school of thought - no custom lobbies etc., have all but killed MP dead imo

However, co-op was excellent for me - even the public games weren't too bad (albeit a few months ago - not sure what it's like nowadays), although it's true that you do tend to see the same 1 or 2 maps all the time.

If it's trophies you're after, my advice would be to hook up with a friend and go private, that's what I did, you can even play the maps on your own if you have two accounts and two controllers (I've done this too) - it's a bit tricky at first.... [spoiler alert....] (especially when you have to plant bombs on something), but it's definitely do-able.

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  3. Did they ever patch the multiplayer?

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