is this game still alive

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User Info: godslayer61

4 years ago#1
I just got it at eb games for far cry $20 new and I got crisis 3 for $12 new and I new I couldn't pass these two games up at that price new , should I do sp first or start mp or is it dead online.
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User Info: bongobreak

4 years ago#2
Personally I would recommend starting with SP, then move on to co-op.
The MP system is hugely flawed unfortunately - specifically the user created map lobby system (to name one such flaw).

The map editor, however, is terrific.
It is much better as a SP style map creation tool - which can then be played solo in 'test' mode - great fun since you can place enemy AI, vehicles and wild animals which oddly cannot be placed into a MP map. (that never made any sense to me!!)

(Just my personal opinions)

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User Info: drclaeys

4 years ago#3

its a damn nice looking game. Play sp and get the hang of it. maybe you never need to go to MP, you might have your money's worth. .

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