F'ing Rakyat drivers!

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User Info: RoboP

4 years ago#1
Ok so this happened to me last night and it's something of an issue I've noticed over time.
The AI in this game when it comes to allied drivers are sometimes incredibly stupid, if one parks the wrong way in the road it causes a traffic block.
And sometimes worse still as I found out, when I moved a car and then went to get back in to my vehicle one of them accidently runs over as I hear this skidding noise.

WHY is the computer so idiotic when it comes to driving?, it's infuriating
If I survived I would've shot the idiots up and not cared if it turned them against me for a brief time.

User Info: drclaeys

4 years ago#2

Lots of games have drivers you can pull out, and steal there cars. but most of those games, have buildings on both side. you have to STAY on the roads. IN this game, you an drive all over, roads are nice, but your not locked to them. Maybe that is why, driving is messed up. Road are roads, but they are not roads, only suggestions.

I have seen the road block thing, yep that sucks. They seem to not be able to drive off the road very far to get around each other. Even in a Jeep.

sometimes I have stolen a car, only to find the guys still sitting in the back. I like to bring those guys somewhere and drop them off.

Good luck.
Dr. Darrell of Michigan
Got a Xbox a few days ago, Now playing: Tales of Vesperia. . . . . . . . . US Economy lost 24 Billion, Blame the Republicans.
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