dang... I missed this game

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User Info: darkstar1080

3 years ago#1
I got it around last xmas when it came out. Its easily one of the best games ive ever played. Excellent storyline, controls, enemy diversity, graphics. It felt like I was actually experiencing the journey as well. I sat down 2 days ago and decided to try another playthrough. A year later and its still amazing. I still have so much fun raiding the outposts, hunting animals, and everything. Amazing game. Just awesome
Ten funerals since I started high school... Life ain't always beautiful, but it's a beautiful ride...

User Info: HerGhostInTheFog

3 years ago#2
I decided to start another play through recently too. Its actually my fourth time through. One of the best games I've ever played.

User Info: Diego_Valhalla

3 years ago#3
Interesting take fellas. I just finished my first playthrough recently and while I LOVED it, my desire to play the story again isn't that deep. It was such a fantastic journey and I relished every moment of my time on Rook Island but I would be afraid of a second run taking away some of the impact the game had on me. As in, I had not read ahead about the story at all so every twist and turn was a new experience to enjoy. Have a blast and give my regards to Hoyt!

Such a solid game, I yearn for a sequel
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