Anyone have a mp code they dont want?

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  3. Anyone have a mp code they dont want?

User Info: skermac

3 years ago#1
I would be eternally grateful. Just got this game used. I love the sp so far and want to try mp. But don't want to pay $10 if not many are online. Never played FC 1 and 2, don't know what they are like.
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User Info: vogymaan

3 years ago#2
if you still need one PM me and i will give you mine, just got a new one for $14.99 at bestbuy and i dont plan on playing multiplayer
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3 years ago#3
Good luck finding people to play with. The multiplayer was nearly dead when the game first came out. Too bad because I enjoyed what little I got to play
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User Info: Aresco

3 years ago#4
I would be inclined to ask for one, i don't understand how some recent games have dropped online passes, and this one with a dead multi hasn't.
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  3. Anyone have a mp code they dont want?

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