This vs Just Cause 2?

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User Info: eastgotenks

5 years ago#1
Never played a FC game, but I played JC2 a good bit. I was wondering how this game compares to JC2 and if the maps are similar sizes and if the world feels as generic as JC2? Also are the missions are repetitive as JC2?

User Info: ShinesmanOW

5 years ago#2
I enjoyed this more than JC2, though I can't exactly put my finger on why.

Other than the third person/first person setup they're very similar. FC3 makes a larger attempt at a plot, though that's not saying much.

User Info: jbtilley

5 years ago#3
I'd probably enjoy playing Just Cause 2 again over FC3. JC2 doesn't have the depth, but the mindless action was just more fun to me.

User Info: BossIceCold

5 years ago#4
I think Farcry3 is really good not as polished as JC2 in a lot of areas but good none the less. JC2 I feel looks a bit better at times even both running on ultra. Especially the water in JC2. But at the same time trees look better in Farcry3 so it's a trade off. JC2 seem to have a better balance in color pallet while Farcry3 sometimes looks too bloomy. Only time I felt FC3 had the right color was at night. That's just my opinion

User Info: BossIceCold

5 years ago#5
Forgot and in the way of size JC2 still has the biggest open world landscape in gaming FC3 isn't even close. GTA5 might be the game to dethrone it

User Info: cre_age_aeon

5 years ago#6
Both games are rather generic and very similar in some ways.

The Fc3 world is much smaller than Jc2 maybe an 1/8 the size possibly 1/4 the size.

The missions are very repetitive and very easy in FC3 - thankfully they lack the monotony of finding that one elusive water tower or transformer that plagued JC2.

It's a great game worth picking up just not at the current price point IMHO.
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User Info: chimpe2121

5 years ago#7
Think JC2 on a much smaller scale, first person, with more weapons and much better combat and stealth.

Although the transportation in JC 2 was also way better. Glider suit < Grapple + Parachute
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User Info: jon_dojah

5 years ago#8
I just got just cause 2 On Steam a few days ago and im having a better time especialy while playing it in 3D with all video settings maxed. I bought JC2 on xbox360 on release day few years back so i'm actually just replaying it and still seems fresh. I even got 100% on all locations as tedious as that was. Doing it all again doesnt feel stale so far.

I'll go back to FC3 eventually. Hopefully by then 3D will be implemented as well as a HUD toggle.

User Info: catsimboy

5 years ago#9
The pure joy of grappling around in Just Cause 2 really makes up for any of it's generic-ness and the best part is you can grapple from the get-go. A problem I have with Far Cry 3 is that the tatau are locked until certain story missions are done and you don't get the wingsuit until you're two thirds through the game. They lock all the cool moves until so late you only get to do ledge take downs like 3 times in the whole game, and I've never seen a double ledge takedown.

User Info: Nontoi

5 years ago#10
Just Cause 2 is a lot more over-the-top. You've got grapples and infinite parachutes and surfing on the noses of planes. The plot is negligible, and the game world is much much much larger than Far Cry 3 or, really, any other game I've ever played save for those with randomly generated "infinite maps". Overall, Just Cause 2 is a lot more fun to play when you're bored and want to kill some dudes, but Far Cry 3 has quite a bit more direction and gave me more of a sense of actually doing something every time I played it.
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