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User Info: mastershakez

6 years ago#1

Personally, the most fun I had in both Far Cry Predator and Far Cry 2 was a self made zombie game mode with custom maps to go with it. This mode relied heavily on everyone following strict rules though, so I didn't get to play it successfully very often. I think it would be really nice if they let us just make whatever game mode we wanted, with no need to set rules to our players.

Basically you would just set some team variables:
*How many teams(or none for FFA)
*What weapons each team can use
*Each teams health and damage multiplier
*Each teams speed and jump height
*What each team looks like
*How many lives each team gets
*If killed, force switch to 'X' team(zombies or infection)

Then set each teams objective:
*Reach this point(race or run, etc)
*Capture this item(capture the flag or bomb enemy base, etc)
*Hold this point(king of the hill, start generator, etc)
*Kill this amount, or kill entire enemy team

After you're done, you can attach your game mode to one or more custom maps if desired. With this plus custom maps, you can make just about anything you want(even revive predator mode). This could also cover race, maze, course, and coaster maps(so you wouldn't accidental join one, or get yelled at for killing someone if you do).

User Info: usmovers_02

6 years ago#2
I could not agree more. If FC had a game mode editor like Halo's but it worked for hosted player matches I would never need another FPS ever again.
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User Info: Thrannix

6 years ago#3

Ya id definately agree. making maps on far cry 2 is way fun, but if we had the ability to make modes for it. the possibilities are endless! had fun making spongebob/ pokemon/ godzilla/ halo stuff but soooo much more could be done with something like that.

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