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User Info: drewpot2001

5 years ago#1
Just realized that FC3 is going to be missed by a lot of people because of the new Call of Duty coming out a month after Far Cry 3. You know the type, CoD fanboys who buy every single title despite the fact it's the same recycled garbage. Then pay double their money on dumb DLC.

Anyway, I have enjoyed the CoD series, but mostly only because all of my friends play it so it's a fun social game. Myself, I'm glad FC3 is coming out around the same time as the new CoD because now I won't have to waste money on that piece of ****.

But I know a lot of people are either:
A) Going to buy FC3, play for a month, then buy CoD when it's out and never touch FC3 again
B) Not going to get FC3 at all because of them knowing they won't play it once CoD is out

I really hope though that a lot of people are enjoying FC3 and realize "Hey, I don't need to waste money on CoD, I got this!".

Don't even say the typical "Good, I don't want the whiny CoD fanboy kids playing my game anyway" because we all know the better the sales are the more likely we are to see the series continue and get even better. And besides, we all want to see Far Cry do well, don't we?

User Info: JManGT

5 years ago#2
I take the last bit of your comment and will compare it to your gf.
Do you want your gf to sleep with a 1000 douches so she can be better In bed?
We don't. Eed cod demographic to make the game successful. And if that happened the game would in term become more like cod because of the overwhelming feedback from cod players. Leave them out of it, let this stand on its own we'll deserved legs it came to this point without it.
GT: James Upton

User Info: drewpot2001

5 years ago#3
Yeah but almost half of the CoD market are people like me, who also enjoy other games and FPSs, who just play CoD because every single person they know plays it so they want a game they know they can play with almost any friends.

I get enjoyment out of CoD, but only when playing with friends. Far Cry on the other hand, I can play for 15 hours at a time by myself and enjoy it just the same. Especially in the map editor.

Not all CoD players are useless 13 year olds who'll just want to change FarCry. I've been playing Far Cry since way before CoD, and I enjoy it much more, yet CoD still gets more of my time because once again I'm not going to spend 3 days working on a map in FC only to have no one even play it. And I'm not going to struggle online trying to find a match to play in when there's literally less than 5 lobbys going at once, all run by idiots who kick you unless you know them personally.

It's hard to enjoy an unplayable dead multiplayer game, because everyone is off playing the newest Call of Duty.

User Info: specialkid8

5 years ago#4
Hopefully it's A. That way they get their money and we still don't have to deal with sub-humans online. Farcry 2 obviously did well enough to get a sequel without their money before and it can only get more popular so their really is no problem.

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