get rid of stupid shot indicator ring

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User Info: Spokkerjones

5 years ago#1
I don't want to play this game with a giant half circle with triangles lighting up the whole time.

It's annoying and babby consolized garbage that we don't need. Will they hold my hand too? Might as well put me on rails.

User Info: Paoksis

5 years ago#2 fact its for the best that they have an option for disabling nobody will complain

User Info: Gump_the_Great

5 years ago#3
The alert indicators can be good if done right (Metal Gear Solid 4) but in this case, i agree, they are terrible, they are large and in the way, and if you are used to stealth games, it would just be an annoyance and an un-needed crutch.

In Farcry 2 the whole point was to feel like you were the character, with little to no interface to get in the way, now they went the opposite direction, i REALLY hope it can be turned off in the HUD menu.

User Info: usmovers_02

5 years ago#4
Being able to disable the HUD is one of my favorite features in Alan Wake. They need it here too.
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  3. get rid of stupid shot indicator ring

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