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Poll: add bots to map creator

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User Info: Bristow84

5 years ago#1
Yes or no?

My answer is yes.
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User Info: thebigfox16

5 years ago#2


User Info: JManGT

5 years ago#3
Besides it is very unrealistic to even seriously think about due to the complex nature of the map editors, if they simplified it like on times plotters than yea it would work. Otherwise you'd pretty much have to force the player to create both paths and algiriths as there is no way they could create something advanced enough to know exactly where the bots should go and how to get there etc etc
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User Info: usmovers_02

5 years ago#4
If they gave us the tools, we could do it. I've started working with the AI in the Skyrim Construction Set and while it's time consuming, it's not all that hard. Granted, Skyrims AI isn't the same kind of AI required for a shooter, but if they put a little faith in there map makers, we could make some really special single player maps with AI :)
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User Info: RubMyDucky

5 years ago#5

User Info: Rabite

5 years ago#6
I just want more games with bots. I don't care about how they do it as long as I can do the multiplayer without having to deal with actual other people.
What's a rabite doing in a place like this?
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User Info: NotQuiteAFreak

5 years ago#7
Didn't they say it was impossible in Far Cry 2, due to AI paths becoming unusable due to terrain malformation?

I still vote Yes.
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User Info: usmovers_02

5 years ago#8
That doesn't make it impossible, just hard.
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User Info: FFCloudStrife1

5 years ago#9


Skyrim has an editor for PC for people to use which enables A.I., so why not Far Cry? I understand that they are made by different companies, have different engines and different mechanics, but if the map editor tool for general use is a simplified version of their developer tool, then surely they could simplify the option. It is not to complex.


Create the model. Choosing a texture/outift, edit the settings of basic parameters and behaviour. For example; Enemy encounter - shoot on sight, return fire, civiliain, aware. The field of vision works like MGS, displaying a radar and the line of sight. Choose the weapons, and damage input and output.

As for the behaviour, select the character and much like a dot to dot game, choose the patrol route. Simple enough. If a surface is too steep or untraversable, then it won't allow it. Simple enough. It can be done, but I highly doubt it will be. Though it would make for an awesome horde/wave gametype. Infection would be amazing.

User Info: desert_fox201

5 years ago#10
NotQuiteAFreak posted...
Didn't they say it was impossible in Far Cry 2, due to AI paths becoming unusable due to terrain malformation?

I still vote Yes.

This is a problem. The game is probably tested for months and smoothed out to perfection to allow AI to go everywhere they should. When you're creating maps in ten minutes, you're making lots of little unseen bumps and you're not placing the buildings perfectly, etc.

It would be absolutely brilliant, though.

EDIT: Is it confirmed the map editor is still in the game?
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