Never played a Far Cry

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User Info: Novotine

5 years ago#1
But I've looked at both FC2 and FC3 and I'm pretty interested

Should I go back and play FC2? Is it worth $20?

User Info: OnePolishGuy

5 years ago#2
I know exactly what position you're in...

you want a cheap game that you'd want to play for more than a week, and not regret buying when youve realized its no good.

Unfortunately, most games at FC2s value aren't very good for more than a couple weeks...but man, FC2 is an excellent buy, if you wanted to utilize the map editor to its fullest. The game lets you create practically anything you can imagine! Ive seen anywhere from battleships to mansions. So many more maps are available to explore, as true artists have bought this game to create the ultimate MP experience (Ive seen maps far better than the maps COD charges us 15 dollars to pay!). The game is an underrated gem for its time. Not only do you have a potential 16 player match for a map you've created from scratch, but the single player is a free roam, open world RPGesque shooter where you can spend hard earned diamonds (diamonds are the currency of the game) to unlock stronger weapons and equipment to decimate those pesky armed Africans.

There is also a fire system that allows you to easily start a small fire, which can... over time...burn down all vegetation in the area and force your opponents out of their cover. Its a potential game changer, least for the single player game.

If you've ever considered a great, cheap shooter that lets your raw talent pay off, go for that measly 15 dollars it'd cost to buy this game. I'd pay 60 dollars again for this game's absolutely incredible experience.

EDIT: If you're one to strive for the best graphics, FC2 might suit what you expect. The game, for being a 2009 release, is quite impressive. Just look up Far Cry 2 on youtube. The game uses an impressive engine.
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User Info: usmovers_02

5 years ago#3
What OnePolishGuy said. AMAZING game. If you're into creating and multiplayer then this game is perfect. If the map editor doesn't grab your attention the singleplayer is still very good. It does have some issues like outposts that respawn too quickly and AI that seems to always know where you are. But it's absolutely worth it.
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User Info: specialkid8

5 years ago#4
Hell, i'd even suggest playing Farcry: Instincts: Predator: Subtitle. You can probably find it for a couple of bucks. They are all unrelated but all top notch games.

User Info: Novotine

5 years ago#5
i bought it guize

User Info: specialkid8

5 years ago#6
Let us know what you think.

User Info: OMGitsnano

5 years ago#7

I would buy it, I bought two Far Cry 2 copies actually, the first one got effed up, and I had some serious need to play so I ordered another one. Just let the game grow, it starts slowly, and prepare yourself for the next firefight, keep in mind where you will fight (Desert, savanah or a jungle) trust me it helps you if you are a recon-type player like me.

User Info: Shinjuku_25

5 years ago#8
The immersion and atmosphere of FC2. Never before in a game, even to this day, have I simply put my controller down in awe like I did in FC2 after I parked my jeep somewhere in the grasslands and just took in the sounds and sights of the African plains at midday. Its truly amazing what they did with the realism of the world they created.

This may be an odd reason to enjoy the game so much, but its a big part of why I agree with the above posters in that FC2 is an amazing game.

I hope for the same effect in FC3, but I'm not so sure they can re-create that feeling
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User Info: bethyreed

5 years ago#9
If you want to like Far Cry 3

Dont buy Far Cry 2

The free roam and do anything and any time atmosphere of Far Cry 2 will really hurt your opinion of Far Cry 3 if they change it too much

User Info: specialkid8

5 years ago#10
They're keeping that atmosphere though.
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