**360 is separating itself form PS3 in graphics as we near the end of this gen**

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User Info: Ice Weasel

Ice Weasel
5 years ago#21
I prefer the PS3 overall but the 360 is technically a better "true gaming machine". The PS3 has serious RAM issues which is part of the reason why so many multi-platform games have frame rate issues on that console. More than one developer has said Sony kind of miscalculated in a few areas when designing the PS3.
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User Info: usmovers_02

5 years ago#22
Still doesn't matter to me. Gears, UC2-3, Killzone, Forza and GT5 ALL have there strengths and weaknesses. Each system has great games and horrible games.
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User Info: mastershakez

5 years ago#23
So how about that Far Cry, huh...

User Info: Tinythegiant

5 years ago#24

The Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition. Need I say more?

User Info: LandfillAO

5 years ago#25
staticks posted...
How is character model detail a matter of "money" and not power? That's a ridiculous and unfounded statement. Take a look that "Samaritan" tech demo for Unreal Engine 4 again. The reason the character models look so amazing and detailed is because of hardware power.

Anyway, my firm belief is that the PS3 is the more powerful system; however, most multiplatform games look better on 360 because they are developed on 360 as the lead platform first and then ported to the PS3. Most people here who think the 360 has graphics as good as the PS3 have never even played a PS3, let alone finished Killzone 2/3 or Uncharted 2/3, so their opinions aren't very valid. I have yet to see a 360 game match Killzone 3 in terms of sheer technical prowess (texture detail, particle effects, post-processing, motion-blur, and dynamic lighting).

Gears 3 looks great, don't get me wrong. But people have to realize that Gears "cheats" by using static, pre-baked environment lighting and shadows. The shadows in Uncharted and Killzone are fully dynamic, and that's a huge difference.

I have played every game you just mentioned all the way through. PSN ID is the same as my screen name if you would like to see for yourself.

Killzone uses plenty of tricks as well. It's sun, lighting and shadows are texture drawn, not real time. Don't even get me started on KZ3's particle effects. Crysis 2 is by far a better technical achievement than KZ3. Bigger environments with real-time, dynamic lighting, shadows, water, particle effects etc., incredible depth of field, character models, guns etc. It uses none of the visual tricks KZ3 or Gears 3 do and looks better than both just off of sheer power of the engine.

KZ3 isn't even the best looking game on the PS3. Yes, it's def in the top 10 on consoles but I'd say Uncharted 3, God Of War 3 and Heavy Rain all look better. As do The Witcher 2, Gears 3, Forza 4 and Crysis 2.

And Forza 4 is also an incredible technical achievement. Near photorealistic cars, amazing lighting, 16 cars on track and a perfectly locked 60fps with 0 screen tear.
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  3. **360 is separating itself form PS3 in graphics as we near the end of this gen**

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