Are they dumbing down the map editor?

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User Info: specialkid8

5 years ago#21
A lot of people just think programming/game design is buttons and magic.

User Info: koRnaddict

5 years ago#22
AI is so hard, i was making a simple game for our school's open house(this is more than 10 years ago though), just a simple top down tank combat game(i forget the name but its based on a popular NES game).
I gave up on making challenging AI and decided to make it a 2 player multiplayer network game.

It's really hard to explain why, for instance, Minecraft is so processor heavy or why most open world games recycle a lot of models.
A friend of mine hates Test Drive Unlimited and FUEL because of this(although there are a lot of valid reasons not to like those games) even though i explained that big games are too demanding for something like that at the moment, on consoles at least.

He also hates Far Cry 2 because it's in the savannah / Africa, he maybe watched a total of 3 hours SP(different sessions) and made up his mind, he refuses to play it for himself.
He loves FC:IP though and even though we're going back to a similar setting in this game he's just not interested anymore... His loss i guess...
Guido Anchovis: On the other hand, there could be a monster, or mutants, or UFOs! This is a cartoon, those writers can do whatever they want!
GT: Gier NL
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  3. Are they dumbing down the map editor?

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