Isn't the main character just a normal tourist?

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  3. Isn't the main character just a normal tourist?

User Info: xStackedActorx

4 years ago#21
I'm from Kansas. It's weird, where I live in KS is nothing like the stereotypical Kansas (farmers, overly-religious, etc). But it's still depressing. Lol.
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User Info: tzar_666

4 years ago#22
to bad we dont have multiple characters like in 2
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User Info: Doom2006

4 years ago#23
I'm also from Ohio. High five!
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User Info: swatkiller546

4 years ago#24
because he's.. jason bourne aka matt damon!
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User Info: darkdawnee

4 years ago#25
The main character is McLovin.
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User Info: Darque

4 years ago#26
lexussss posted...
Ohio is the lamest State in America... I've never seen a place as depressed.




You obviously don't travel much.
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  3. Isn't the main character just a normal tourist?

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