Performance, in truth...

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User Info: MestreRothGF

4 years ago#101
derr_prodygy posted...
TC is right, but it's not BAD. There is a little slowdown (about 25 fps or so)? YES. Is it annoying or disruptive? NO. It depends on the area and if you set things on fire, but trust me that after a while playing you won't notice.

There is texture pop-up too, and this one is noticeable, you will see things "appear" at certain distance. Anyway, enjoy the game as it is because it's pretty damn fun.

25 fps not bad?

This is a pretty low standard...

User Info: SneakiestNeg

4 years ago#102
Depends on your playstyle. But yes 25 is below my standard which is 30. 60 fps is just stupid, the aliens that made us hired a bunch of idiots to design our eyes.

User Info: MestreRothGF

4 years ago#103
I had fun with the denial is this thread. Haha really thank you, fanboys. Try not to cry once you have the chance to actually see the technical mess. Lol

User Info: taelos05

4 years ago#104
If you want a good frame rate from a new game on a 7 year old console, try buying a PC instead - nobody could guarantee 100% it will be fine on everyone's console even if they tried.
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User Info: Blaster_N

4 years ago#105
Is this only on the Xbox or on PS3 aswell?

User Info: MestreRothGF

4 years ago#106
They cant even manage to do it properly on the main plat. You wonder about The game performance on ps3.

User Info: xMark

4 years ago#107
Kamanick posted...
GentlemenBlack posted...
Sauce? Because otherwise you'll be seen as a troll.

I like Ketchup personally, but yeah, what's your sauce?

sauce = source fyi

User Info: F_Wolf

4 years ago#108
MestreRothGF posted...
Snight01 posted...
I wont be so quick to doubt you. When i get the game i'll confirm.

Nice to see that not everyone is using the fanboy lenses.

I'm aware that this issue may not affect everyone (and I hope the cause is found), yet these posts reflect my experience.

It was running on a fat XBox, from the first model of Jasper mbs.

Take it or leave it. My word: once again Ubisoft screwed performance, which is nothing new if you compare ac3 and ac2.

Game runs fine on my Jasper. Start to finish. It doesn't look as good as when I play it on PC, but it runs smooth and the screen tearing is minimal.

User Info: Mahuri

4 years ago#109
It doesnt look that bad, but its definitely not 720p, maby a upscaled 480 or something

User Info: Kant_Remoob_Eht

4 years ago#110
Based on the gameplay vids I have seen of people play on youtube, the 20ish fps isn't really that bad when it stays within that range.
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