Performance, in truth...

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User Info: Eiffel

4 years ago#111
Haven't seen this posted yet, apologies if it has:

User Info: garfee

4 years ago#112
I feel sorry for tc and anyone that has experienced issues but I've played over 20 hours and have had zero slow down, stuttering or anything

If I'm being really really picky if you look for you will spot some nasty textures here and there - and there is bit of pop up and screen tearing but after hour or 2 in the beautiful yet deadly jungle you won't notice any of these - there's plenty of other things to worry about :-)

User Info: Kerr Avon

Kerr Avon
4 years ago#113
MestreRothGF posted...

A game in 24 fps is barely playable.

Utter rubbish. Many 8 bit games in particular could run considerably slower, but we liked them. N64 games could run with frame-rates in the teens (it seems to me), yet I *still* play them. Yes, a person's frame-rate tolerance is relative to what they are used to, and subjectively you yourself might find 24fps barely playable if you are used to much more (as on a decent PC), but to many of us 20+fps is fine.

On the PC boards there are people who hate playing with less than 60fps, but that's because they are used to the fps on a good PC. If they had to go down to 20fps then at first they'd hate it, but then they'd adjust. They don't have to, of course, I'm just saying that frame-rates are subjective to each individual user, so saying that 24fps is barely playable your opinion, and not fact.
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User Info: jdub5178508

4 years ago#114
It plays just fine on my Droid Ally!!!

User Info: MestreRothGF

4 years ago#115
Eiffel posted...
Haven't seen this posted yet, apologies if it has:

They are liars. Pirates as well.

Everybody here, specially the fanboys, know for a long time that only the pirated copies have these problems!

BWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! If they don't post their gamertag, their experiences are garbage!

User Info: bluehat94

4 years ago#116
Mahuri posted...
It doesnt look that bad, but its definitely not 720p, maby a upscaled 480 or something

I'm pretty sure it was confirmed native 720p.
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User Info: Philosopher08

4 years ago#117
Framerate is fine I have barely even noticed dips. But maybe thats due to the fact that I'm actually playing the game and not worrying about other dumb stuff. Also assuming that the pirated and retail copies are any different is cute.
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