What is your preferred loadout?

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User Info: PhoenixAssassin

4 years ago#1
For me it is

Bow (this is my main weapons)
Shotgun (mostly used for hunting)
RPG-7 (for vehicles, and sniping when the bow fails)
Assault Rifle with silencer and scope (mostly this is just for back up in case I run out of arrows and need to deal with enemies from a distance)

I also use my knife a ton.
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User Info: mdjuggler

4 years ago#2
silenced MP5 and M700 Sniper for stealth, Assault rifle for when things go wrong...the French one, and thegrenade launcher for heavies, vehicles and komodo dragons

User Info: JManGT

4 years ago#3
Bow, silence sniper rifle, LMG and a shotgun for dangerous animals.
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User Info: jon davis

jon davis
4 years ago#4

Silenced Z93


Silenced 6P9
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User Info: ross_gumbrell

4 years ago#5
Bow, Bull, AMR, Shredder

User Info: xSuperGoatx

4 years ago#6
That single shot assault rifle

All silenced and when I hunt I use Animal Repellent. They just sit there roaring at you while you bow them to death :D
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User Info: gOwCoD4

4 years ago#7
Bow (General-purpose weapon, especially with the different arrow types)
Repair Torch (Used for creating fires/distractions, repairing my own/friendly vehicles)
MP5 (Discreet killing with a suppressor)
That one gun that looks like the M1/M14 rifle (Main combat rifle, used with suppressor and optics for mid-long range killing)
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User Info: OrangeSchweese

4 years ago#8
lever-action shotgun
M900 (silenced sniper rifle)

Haven't been able to afford a launcher yet or I'd probably replace one of those with a GL

User Info: Dustin1280

4 years ago#9
Bow - mid range silent kill weapon
Silenced sniper - long range silent kill weapon
.50 cal - long range badass kill weapon
Fourth slot is either the signature shotgun or the signature SMG, don't have the assault rifle yet...
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User Info: very_ape

4 years ago#10
Silenced sniper
Flamethrower (for animals)
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