Open World games are overrated...

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User Info: wrexwrecks

4 years ago#81
StrongBlackVine posted...
Hedorian posted...
SunDevil has several terrible posts littered across the entire of Gamefaqs. I wouldn't worry about it. I agree TC open world games can be overrated but you sound like you're pretty boring. Open World games are awesome because of the complexity of the world and the chaotic randomness that can happen at any moment.

I like open world games. I am saying they are not inherently better than linear games.

Uh, they are if you like them better than linear games. Give me a choice between two AAA 10/10 games, one linear and one open-world, and I'll probably choose the open-world game every single time.

Opinions, man.
It's gor-GET - because there are no French people in Westeros.
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