That's what they teach you in the army!

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User Info: BrockSamson

5 years ago#21
Ahh the internet. Where if you discuss something someone else hasn't done, you're bragging. Yes, I assumed him to be a nerd because he was clearly offended by my nerve in having some kind of opinion about something he is unfamiliar with. As you might notice, other veterans caught the line as odd as well. In any case, it'd be absurd to believe that every person on a game forum lives the same life. There are many soldiers on this forum. I'm sure there are also doctors, pro athletes, cops, teachers, and maybe even a shark whisperer. If you think someone in the armed forces is bragging at the mere mention if their experience, it says more about the things you have not done than anything else, imo. Either way, cheers to all of us gamers, whether you're a teen cosplayer or Chuck Norris.

User Info: LazyyAmerican

5 years ago#22
Was utterly ridiculous...and I'm just an average anybody....but my biggest gripe with this game is the reused sound effects for numerous weapons....but more importantly...that these reused sound effects aren't even all that good. Hitman Absolution...a game that in essence shouldn't even be about shooting....has a far more beastly sounding AK then this game.
Quite the coexist in a world that ostracizes you into obscurity
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User Info: neohunter1884

5 years ago#24
yes it is...if your not a cook, or other type of POG.
When did playing cutesie games make you a gamer and not playing them make you a frat boy?

User Info: faxmachne

5 years ago#25
I was in the british military, we were not taught how to kill with a bamboo cage, though i was taught how to kill someone with a rifle and with a bayonet

I understood what he said to mean that they taught you to kill, stay calm and carry on. Not they taught me ho to kill with anything in any given scenario.

As for the sir thing. In the british military we only call officers sir, or ma'am.

Americans, at least in my experience working with them, call sergeants and above sir at the very least. I have witnessed this with my own eyes.

I do not understand your complaints
Thanks to the guy who blabbed on my old one

User Info: F_Wolf

5 years ago#26
AlleyBoi420 posted...
Burn-the-light posted...
I assumed he meant that the army taught him to stay calm in those situations, think rationally and come up with a plan of action using improvised techniques. Not that they literally have a class on how to kill a dude with a bamboo cage.

Lol this. It's obvious this is what he meant.

Clearly the army must of taught the TC to only think in the literal sense.

User Info: AuraOfSouls

5 years ago#27
BrockSamson posted...
Dunno about anyone else, but the Army didn't teach me to hit someone's head on a bamboo cage, killing them in a fairly improbable manner. They DID teach some elementary grappling, but any white belt in judo or brazilian jiu jitsu already knows how to pull off a cross collar choke or triangle. Not as bad as everyone who outranks someone being called "sir" despite not being an officer, but still. Do five minutes of research, game makers!

Says some National Guard private probably fresh out of AIT. Did you go to Relaxin Jackson for basic training as well? Joined up to be a Signal Corp FOBbit? Unless you've gone through infantry training and have a few years in don't speak.
(message deleted)

User Info: neohunter1884

5 years ago#29
so what was your MOS man?
When did playing cutesie games make you a gamer and not playing them make you a frat boy?

User Info: Arsenal0602

5 years ago#30
natevines posted...
I agree, as a former Marine.

And if they didn't teach us, we know for damn sure they didn't teach you ;)

I would make a joke about this but as I am not a corpse I can't make a joke about the Corps
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