How to host public co-op matches?

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User Info: Gigant0pithecus

4 years ago#1
My first time playing co-op, I was host and able to adjust the chapter, difficulty, etc. before other people joined. Cleared about 4 of the chapters with an awesome team.

Lately, though, it's just been throwing me into games already going and about 90% of them are the very first chapter, and about half of those are on casual difficulty. I'd rather host my own to pick up where I left off last time without it having to be a private match.

So is there a way to guarantee that you're the host for public co-op matches or is it random who lands host/what lobby it throws you into?
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User Info: raziel_vampye

4 years ago#2
To me it seems random. It's annoying that you can't just make a co-op game and THEN set if you want it to be public or private while in the lobby.

I've only got two more chapters to complete, but it's annoying when I keep joining games half way through the first or second. I don't want to leave the people there with a man down, but I never wanted to join the match anyways!
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User Info: RepublicanThug

4 years ago#3
Play a few mp matches to build up your previous players list. Then host private coop match and spam invites.

Problem solved
4 more years? Sigh.....

User Info: taelos05

4 years ago#4
I wish they'd just let us pick if we want a quick game, to join a lobby (and what mission we want) or create a new one. Overlooking things like that is a bit poor but tbh, I did most of them in one sitting as host and played with the same guys the whole way through.
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