Im finding this game almost unplayable.

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  3. Im finding this game almost unplayable.

User Info: Bubba787

4 years ago#51
ilikehamandhalo posted...

Its not epic, it happens almost every single time I go out to hunt anything. Its very annoying.

I play on Normal, tried it on Easy and didnt see much of a difference tbqh. Trolls can blab on about me sucking but fact is im putting multiple bullets into animals and pirates and stuff just isnt dying.

And to the guy with the critics comment, critics have said time and time again that COD is the best game of all time and give it 9.9/10 all over the place so it cant be a terrible game right?

And i shot multiple bullets into them as well and they die. Explain that. And I'm playing on hard... I'm not saying you suck (though its a possibility), what I'm saying is only you have this problem. No one else. A claim tends to be less viable when no one understands what you're talking about or have a completely different experience.
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User Info: SoggyWorm

4 years ago#52
Going on about how 6 bullets to kill a pig (not quite, but I'll go along with it) being unrealistic and game breaking means you really aren't playing the right game. Lets look at some of the game...

*Slight spoilers ahead I guess*

Realism? Here's realism; you're Jason Brody, a college jock who has no army training who is basically scared out his mind with the situation presented to him (at first). However, suddenly he becomes a hardened killer (or warrior) practically over night and gains power from a tautau (tattoo). He hunts predators of the jungle and then somehow knows how to skin them and not only that he can somehow make equipment out of said predator skins. He is a one man army who knows how to hand glide and use a wingsuit within minutes of getting it.

Right so tell me again how the game is suppose to be realistic and therefore (apparently) not take 6 bullets to kill a pig.
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User Info: NightDrifter05

4 years ago#53
So, you get spotted from 200 yards away in tall grass but yet I'm able to sneak up within feet and not get spotted what so ever and you say the game is broken? Maybe you should just suck less. Please stick with CoD, Halo, MoH, and BF series because those game's just require you to hold down a button, FarCry requires you to actually put forth slight effort or else you'll fail miserably, which evidently is happening with you.

I'm glad I don't suck this much at a game to where I have to cry on a message board.

User Info: SunDevil77

4 years ago#54
TC, if the game was "broken" you'd think ONE professional critic would note that.

But I suppose you're the only one who understands gaming in this vast, gigantic world.
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User Info: DeathMagnetic80

4 years ago#55
I dunno what you're doing wrong man, but... yeah. Stealth if anything is TOO easy when you make the most of the tools they give you. Tag everyone in a camp with your camera, toss rocks to distract them where you want and pay attention to where everyone is facing. Failing that, get a sniper rifle and attach a good scope and the silencer and have fun picking off pirates with ease. Also.... headshot them, if you are pumping a bunch of rounds into a pirate, sounds like you are just hitting all over the place.
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User Info: Onikyuubi

4 years ago#56
ilikehamandhalo posted...
So in your "opinion" its ok for animals to not die after 5 shots to the face.

I don't have the game, this comment just reminded me of that scene.

Carry on.

User Info: Malumbrus

4 years ago#57
I cleared out a small outpost manned by four guys with 6 bullets and a knife kill. The game isn't bad, you are.
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User Info: UtterMoon

4 years ago#58
I disagree with nearly everything you said TC..rare feat indeed.

User Info: Bigj089

4 years ago#59
Stealth doesn't work? Then how did I clear those outposts without any alerts...

If anything enemies are complete idiots 90% of the time when it comes to them spotting you. Also every pig Ive run across has died in 4 or 5 shots period as long as they hit, if not fewer. I also don't get spotted by enemies from any great distance unless Im clearly out in the open and they SHOULD be able to see me.

Sounds like your copy of the game is broken or everything you said was a MASSIVE exaggeration and unless the difficulty is turned all the way down I recommend that.
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User Info: Althax

4 years ago#60
The TC is right about hunting attracting pirates. I know that when I go into the bush and shoot a goat/boar/pig with my ak47, I'm suddenly hearing pirates all over the place looking for me.

Try using the bow or a silenced weapon.
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  3. Im finding this game almost unplayable.

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