Stupid bow. F*** the path of the hunter.

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  3. Stupid bow. F*** the path of the hunter.

User Info: Uglyface2

4 years ago#1
This was funnier when I had to hunt a Giant Netch with a fork in Morrowind. The difference there is, I had a psychotic Daedric Prince telling me to do it there. Here, "Hunt the black panther with a bow," may as well be telling me to fight it with a bag of wet s***.

User Info: Valentino16

4 years ago#2
The bow is probably more effective than a wet bag of excrement, but I have no quantifiable evidence to back that statement.

also, you're probably just bad.
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User Info: Uglyface2

4 years ago#3
An outing with the bow:

- Sneak down to the rocks.
- Spot the kitty, with or without the use of a needle.
- Land a shot with the bow.
- Watch as the panther pinpoints your position and charges, pretty much ripping you limb from limb because the bow sucks.

User Info: D_Gryphon

4 years ago#4
There's all kinds of things to help you with this.

Just come back to this mission later when you've unlocked more stuff.

User Info: Chaos_Evolved

4 years ago#5
IN the BP area, there's a radio tower. This is easy as hell if you just climb the first flight of stairs and shoot down at it, it can't come up.

I am saying this because I agree with valentino

User Info: Bigj089

4 years ago#6
I just kept my distance and hit it with arced shots. Whenever I would hit it, it would run around a bit then stop. Did that 4 or 5 times and it died.
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User Info: wrexwrecks

4 years ago#7
Yep, climb the radio tower.

I hit him twice from the tower, but he ran off and hid, so I climbed down, sneaked up on him for another hit, then finished him off with a point blank arrow to the face as he charged me.
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User Info: DeathMagnetic80

4 years ago#8
I took the skill that makes you take less damage from animals and shot up with deadly hunter before taking my shots. Piece of cake.
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User Info: Lostfile

4 years ago#9
I had a difficult time with that particular quest too, until I realized if you're far enough away, the animal just runs around aimlessly. Just stay hidden and you'll be fine. An Instinct syringe works wonders also.

User Info: avianBC

4 years ago#10
Just craft one of the things where animals wont attack you.

I used one and he just stood there and let me turn him into a pincushion.
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  3. Stupid bow. F*** the path of the hunter.

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