Stupid bow. F*** the path of the hunter.

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  3. Stupid bow. F*** the path of the hunter.

User Info: heiroute

5 years ago#11
I finished it off with melee when it charged.

User Info: Shrike55

5 years ago#12
avianBC posted...
Just craft one of the things where animals wont attack you.

I used one and he just stood there and let me turn him into a pincushion.

This man speaks the truth. Animal repellent makes the Path of the Hunter missions a cakewalk.

User Info: GeneralKenobi85

5 years ago#13
From: heiroute | #011
I finished it off with melee when it charged.


Using the knife still counts towards completing it. Easier to just circle around the animals and hack at them than using the bow.
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User Info: bigg_p

5 years ago#14
wrexwrecks posted...
Yep, climb the radio tower.

I hit him twice from the tower, but he ran off and hid, so I climbed down, sneaked up on him for another hit, then finished him off with a point blank arrow to the face as he charged me.

After about 20 tries, I marked him, ran for the tower and put an arrow in him.
He went nuts and ran around the tower for a few minutes with me trying to pelt him with arrows (Black Panther is FAST)

After a while he ran off, fell down a nearby cliff, and got stuck halfway down.

I walked to the edge and put a few more arrows in him, he died and I carefully slid down to where he got stuck and skinned him...

Success, in about 20+ attempts, worst mission yet :(

User Info: avianBC

5 years ago#15
Why do you guys go through so much trouble when you can grab 2 yellow plants and craft an item that makes the animals a complete non-threat?
"Rock is overpowered. Paper is fine." - Scissors

User Info: shagadelic

5 years ago#16
Use the hunting syringes. Animal Repellent makes animals not attack you even if you're shooting at them. Deadly Hunter greatly increases your strength against animals.

User Info: Arctic_Sunrise

5 years ago#17
I used the 'Deadly Hunter' syringe for this. Mean ol' kitty dies in two shots.
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User Info: Ragnarok0220

5 years ago#18
Animal repellent- *shoots animal, animal charges, gets within melee range, turns and walks slowly away. Repeat!
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User Info: Pawkie07

5 years ago#19
Valentino16 posted...
also, you're probably just bad.

User Info: Squall954

5 years ago#20
Just shoot it from farther back. It'll run away because it can't pinpoint you. It'll usually run to the edge of the hunting area, and since it can't leave the area, it'll get stuck around the place where it hits the edge of the area. Then you just keep shooting it from a distance and it still won't be able to pinpoint you, but it'll just kind of run in circles where it has been stuck.
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  3. Stupid bow. F*** the path of the hunter.

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