Final Tatio Question (Spoilers)

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User Info: Silicon Angel

Silicon Angel
5 years ago#1
After finishing the game and getting all skills a final piece of the tattoo is missing.

On an earlier post, someone suggested getting all the relics unlocks this final part.

Anyone know if that is true? And is there a final hidden skill that goes with the final part of the tattoo?
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User Info: rahf225

5 years ago#2
don't know if its true but the last relic you need is supposedly only able to be found while doing a certain Trail of the Rakyat mission. Don't know which one it is off the top if my head though.

User Info: porkchops4lunch

5 years ago#3
I can confirm that 120 relics are required to unlock the final tatau and I did not find any in any raykat mission.
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