Skyrim vs Farcry 3 - world comparison

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User Info: dudeasaurus

4 years ago#41
ShELbY_GT500 posted...
Can anyone imagine playing Skyrim on FC3s island ?

I cant, the games are totally different and should not be compared.

I know some little smarty pants is now gonna come along and say "yes I can imagine playing Skyrim on FC3s island..."

I tried imagining really didn't work. haha

I will begin my actual point by stating that I love both games. In fact, they are the two games I have out (as opposed to the drawer I keep the rest in) as I play them the most. This should be no surprise with Far Cry as it's so new. I have Skyrim out because it's still worth playing a year later...and the whole well-known review quote "It's like Skyrim with guns", Far Cry 3 made me want to go play Skyrim. And Skyrim then made me want to go play Far Cry 3. They are both great, phenomenal games.

I do prefer Skyrim over FC3, though. For the most part, anyways....
If I want to play a great shooter, with luscious environments, and great cinematic video gaming, I of course go with FC3. On the other hand, if I want a deep game that has tons of lore and "realistic" combat, interactive NPC's, and a generally deeper experience, I'll play Skyrim.
(By realistic combat in referring to Skyrim, I of course am not saying shooting lightning out of your hands Lord Sidious style is realistic...I merely mean that the feel [excuse my poetic, metaphorical BS here] I mean that Skyrim is a rock. Far Cry is fluid. One poster said that Far Cry 3 feels too much like a video game [to which someone else scoffed]. I'll politely paraphrase that by saying it feels too arcadey [FC3 that is]. Skyrim's combat depends more on the user and feels more grounded [especially when swinging, say a massive warhammer].)
FC3 is fantastic, and, while I loved the various takedown abilities, they felt too much like slightly cinematic setpieces. Don't get me wrong...they're cool. But the FPS market is oversaturated in set pieces. (*cough* COD *cough*) FC3, I think, gave in to that realistic,yet super-cinematic demographic too much. I vaguely remember playing the original Far Cry on PC and then Far Cry Instincts and Instincts Predator, and they all felt less spoon-fed than FC3. (even with those absurd super powers...) I love some degree of cinematic make you feel like a superhero-ness in a game, so I don't have much issue with FC3's use of it. The stealth feels too easy in FC3 (unless there are #### dogs), as opposed to the older Far Cry games.

I suppose to summarize my opinion, I'd say...
Far Cry 3 (while fantastic, please don't get me wrong) wants to give you all the power (the skills are just so easy to obtain...I had every skill the second you touch down on the second island and unlock them...) while Skyrim makes you earn it...makes you become and appreciate being Dovahkiin. Skyrim makes you decide to a degree which playstyle you will use (what with the soft level cap...there are far too many skills to learn and not enough time in my life to push past that level cap THAT much to earn every single skill...if that's even possible).

So, all things considered, I'll take Skyrim, but if I want to take a vacation from the snowy tundras, I'll SKY-dive over to Far Cry 3 ;p

User Info: triajojo

4 years ago#42
Yeah, ha, play whatever game depending on mood. Dark, snowy fantasy world hot nights, and bright, tropical semi-realistic world cold nights!

User Info: RX20000

4 years ago#43
There is much much much more to do in Skyrim's world than in Far Cry 3. I completed Far Cry 3 in about 32 hours, & that was doing every single mission (story & optional) & getting about half of all the collectible stuff. If I would have had the inclination to collect the other half that MIGHT have added 10 more hours to the game. (I doubt it tho.)

With my first Skyrim character, I have about 120 hours played on him & STILL havent seen & done everything there is to do. Skyrim is humongous. There really is no comparison as far as size goes.

With that being said, I love both games for what they are.
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