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User Info: durnago

5 years ago#1
o.k. all you master bow hunters if this acheivement applies to you, then stand with the elite and sign here with me...........what a rush lol
ga-880gm-usb3, amd phenom IIx6 1055t, radeon hd 6850

User Info: gamegod13

5 years ago#2
Signed. It was pretty easy actually once I found a good spot for it.
GT: Ginger Gerald
Come, madness awaits.

User Info: locustactivist

5 years ago#3
Lol yea I felt like a bad a** when I got this one not gonna lie. I looked at my wife and said what now b****. She told me you still aint s***. I felt forever alone lol.
x box live tag- ZR089

User Info: Josh_Explosion

5 years ago#4
signed. on a cliff pirates jeep broke down, arrow through the neck over 80 meters away. i was aiming for a head shot but the neck is still good.
Sacrifice to Gods of old, Bleed them of their lives, Fresh blood on our swords
Gods Of War Arise! (GT:josh explosion)

User Info: K_MAC445

5 years ago#5

User Info: PennState0411

5 years ago#6
I just used an explosive and took out 2 dudes
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User Info: AuraOfSouls

5 years ago#7
Yeah, got this on a driver of a moving vehicle. Felt even more badass.

User Info: bLiNdSnIpErZ20

5 years ago#8
Games I'm looking forward to: State of Decay, GTA V
Currently playing: Far Cry 3, Guardians of Middle Earth

User Info: Maebure

5 years ago#9
Signed. I just picked a guy and kept adjusting till it hit.
Reading is good. It improves your vocabulary, expands your imagination and provides endless amounts of information.

User Info: hellslave

5 years ago#10
Get MS Points just for using Bing!
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