Far Cry 3 in 4 words

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User Info: Gh0st_F4c3

5 years ago#21
Shark + JetSki = Modern Fishing.

User Info: Gh0st_F4c3

5 years ago#22
Who's body is this?

User Info: selfpityingbuff

5 years ago#23
Great! ... Good. ... Not bad...

User Info: ChancreScolex

5 years ago#24
I've got jungle fever.

User Info: TaKun782

5 years ago#25
I havent played it
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User Info: Big_Ed_Mustapha

5 years ago#26
TaKun782 posted...
I havent played it

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User Info: mr_slappy

5 years ago#27
Game of the year.

User Info: Zen_Zarab

5 years ago#28
Guns, Stealing and Boats!

User Info: ShadowGomamon

5 years ago#29
Hopefully better than two.
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Chi-Pa-Pa! Chi-Pa-Pa! Fishes go Glub Glub! ~

User Info: Dragonivon

5 years ago#30
Solid Snake jungle fever.
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