Far Cry 3 in 4 words

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User Info: DarknessR18

4 years ago#31
Love this bloody game.
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User Info: Mahuri

4 years ago#32
Liza has dat ass

User Info: Razchek

4 years ago#33
Where's my f***ing arrow?
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User Info: Whitbane

4 years ago#34
Like Skryim with guns.

User Info: AloneWeStand

4 years ago#35
Fun game, terrible plot.

User Info: 1avidgamer

4 years ago#36
PennState0411 posted...
Squall954 posted...
PennState0411 posted...
Vaas dies too early. Those are the words I would use.


Ahhhhhhhh I am sorry. Didn't mean to spoil it but c'mon. Did anyone expect him to live and become best friends with Jason?

I definitely did not expect him to die early!

I'm sad now :'(
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User Info: AuraOfSouls

4 years ago#37
Damn Citra! Dat ass!

User Info: COD4_NJ

4 years ago#38
I need green herb

User Info: Mechsican

4 years ago#39
Not sure how this hasn't made it on here yet.

Who's the man? ME!
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User Info: drwillnrowlands

4 years ago#40
I tell definition insanity?
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