Everyone will forget about this game in a month.

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User Info: jacksonsamuel

5 years ago#71
TheCongo posted...
We don't have poptarts here in the UK :(

Dude, we get them imported from all over! You can get them in bulk online too, I'm not a huge fan myself though, I prefer those toastable pancakes.

User Info: HeyZeuss

5 years ago#72
Face_Lost posted...
if you just take a step back, this is seriously the same old crap we've all played 100 times over

If you take another step back, you'll realize that every single game is just wireframes and polygons, with fancy textures covering them. And everything that happens is really just strings of numbers and letters and complicated lines of code, that are really not fun AT ALL.

Now, if instead, you take a step forward you just might immerse yourself in a game and enjoy it and have FUN which is the POINT of video GAMES in the first place.

Ugh. Arguing with trolls is like talking politics with a two year old.

^I'm gonna make that my sig. Yes.

User Info: Loveunit

5 years ago#73
I think the reason why people might forget this game is because it has no replay value. If you make a new game, it's going to be the same map, same guns, same story, same missions. But I think it's a pretty decent game, and quite unique IMO

User Info: Dragonivon

5 years ago#74
I think games are more just to be enjoyed in the moment, and there's nothing wrong with that. Much like pop-tarts. You can't remember every time you have had pop-tarts; however, you know that they are tasty and sometimes they just hit the spot. Now I want pop-tarts.
"It is much easier to be critical than correct." ~Benjamin Disraeli
GT: Dragonivon /PSN: Dragonivon

User Info: midnyghtsson265

5 years ago#75
Big_Ed_Mustapha posted...
I hear what your saying and if thats how you feel fine.

But for me personally I will be starting many more palythroughs on this just like I did with Far Cry 2, this game just really hits the spot in terms of gameplay I enjoy, so I will have to disagree with you.
Far Cry 3 will be remembered as one of my personal favourite games as it your right it is fun, and I cant think of any other FPS I've had more fun with apart from FC2. The stealth takedowns, the options when it comes to how you want to approach a situation, the tension, the open world freedom, the hunting, the flamethrowing and hand gliding.
I just love it all, and I know I will love it just as much on my fifth playthrough as my first, I'm sorry thats not how it is for you but thats how it is for me, FC3 is MY goty and will probably be it next year too.

Says it all.
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  3. Everyone will forget about this game in a month.

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