Why does this game have to end?

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  3. Why does this game have to end?

User Info: Haahahaha

5 years ago#1
Step 1) get pirates attention. Fire a few sniper shots but miss
Step 2) find and promptly piss off a predator prferably tiger or bear
Step 3) equip sniper rifle
Step 4) grab popcorn

This is my first far cry game, so yeah still cleaning my brains pff the ceiling...
SoulSilverFC~ 4126 3793 3849

User Info: Ace81892

5 years ago#2
I don't get it. What exactly are you describing? Also step 1 is fire a sniper, while step 3 is equip a sniper... lolwat?
GT: VaultDweller01
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  3. Why does this game have to end?

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