Why is everyone so afraid of sharks and crocs?

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User Info: Ace81892

4 years ago#11
VileFiddle posted...
Ace81892 posted...
They have the potential to do a great deal of harm, but not the motivation. If you are going to be afraid of everything that can possibly hurt you then enjoy not going outside. It just boggles my mind that people can get in cars every day without a second though, but then crap their pants at the sight of a shark.

Last time I checked, cars aren't giant fish with razor sharp teeth.

It's irrational of you to criticize people's fears and assume they're terrified of anything that can hurt them. Fear of sharks is incredibly common, I don't fear them myself but if they suddenly went extinct (and don't give any stupid hippie garbage about the ecosystem) I would not bat an eye.

Sharks can have plenty of motivation to attack people.

A car is a hell of a lot more likely to kill you than a shark, and the both have about the same amount of malice. Just because a fear is common, does not make it justified. They don't have "plenty" of motivation to attack people. The majority of shark attacks are simply because the shark mistakes the human for prey (which humans are not natural prey for sharks due tot he fact that we don't live in the water). Also if sharks (or any other species) suddenly went completely extinct, there would be an impact that you would definitely feel. The balance of nature is more fragile than you may think, that's not "stupid hippie garbage" as you so ignorantly dismissed it as, or did you skip that class in grade school where they teach you about the food chain?
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User Info: chaos_belmont

4 years ago#12
For some of us it's a much deeper problem, a phobia.
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User Info: Slyde1052

4 years ago#13
I went shark hunting in this game...Crocodile Dundee style.
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User Info: Faust_8

4 years ago#14
Both in real life and in the game, you have far less control in the water than you do on land. But the shark is king there.

In reality you can swim about 2 feet a second (for an average person), have to stay by the surface, and your senses count for ****. A great white shark swims 25 times faster, weighs 10 times more, can kill with a single bite, can go anywhere it wants, and can see and smell you far before you know it's there.

Even in the game, the water neuters you. You can be bristling with guns on land but in the water you can't attack at all.

That's where the fear comes in--the water is THEIR element. We fear being out of our element, out of our control.

Granted initially sharks freaked me out in the game before I encountered them, after I noticed that you can see where they are, so it's not like you're swimming and then just BOOM SHARK MAUL.

Same thing with crocs--the idea of them is scarier than they are. I haven't encountered them in the game yet but the monkey-brain puts the idea in your head that you'll be walking along a shore and then BAM CROCS GOT YOU.
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User Info: colemanmarkd

4 years ago#15

Lake Placid.

Watch those then play the game for a few hours focusing on fighting pirates and hunting deer only to have a croc jump out of no where and chew on your leg.

Being 1st person perspective, the game is pretty immersive. After awhile you forget it's a game.
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User Info: Webstedge

4 years ago#16
I'm so glad I got the swimming upgrade I swim circles around sharks lol

User Info: Keeperofthedark

4 years ago#17
Well I think it's becau- * cougared*

User Info: Haahahaha

4 years ago#18
Because they will most likly sneak attack you since you wont be fighting them head on. An sice its an FPS the brain is registering it as real as a shark atavk you have never experienced can get. So yeah unless you've been ataled by a real shark or have tiger blood or are russian sharks will probably scare the **** out of you
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User Info: lunarsword

4 years ago#20
All you need to know about sharks
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