Why is everyone so afraid of sharks and crocs?

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User Info: rk_711

4 years ago#71
Tom Brady

User Info: bman52480

4 years ago#72
saintsfan posted...
Bringing up food poisoning isn't valid...

I have a fear of sharks...but I'm not afraid of getting mauled by one right now because I'm sitting in McDonald's. I'm much more worried about food poisoning because of that but this doesn't somehow make a fear of a large powerful animal that lives in a completely foreign medium to you irrational.

It totally is valid. I am trying to make a point that there is a different between a fear and an irrational phobia type fear. Being afraid of sharks-if you see one- is maybe reasonable, but letting that fear restrict you from visiting a continent or going for a swim along the beach is not.

It is what it is. People can try to rationalize being irrational all they want, that doesn't make it rational/logical/reasonable/whatever. Being killed by a shark probably ranks among the LEAST likely ways to die, just beneath maybe meteor strike or being mauled to death by an angry........chicken.

No matter how people try to justify it (it can swim fast, it has sharp teeth, it looks scary) it is not reasonable to have a fear of sharks effect your actions in any way in a real world.

Be mad at me if you want.
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User Info: rk_711

4 years ago#73
Ace81892 posted...
VileFiddle posted...
Ace81892 posted...
They have the potential to do a great deal of harm, but not the motivation. If you are going to be afraid of everything that can possibly hurt you then enjoy not going outside. It just boggles my mind that people can get in cars every day without a second though, but then crap their pants at the sight of a shark.

Last time I checked, cars aren't giant fish with razor sharp teeth.

It's irrational of you to criticize people's fears and assume they're terrified of anything that can hurt them. Fear of sharks is incredibly common, I don't fear them myself but if they suddenly went extinct (and don't give any stupid hippie garbage about the ecosystem) I would not bat an eye.

Sharks can have plenty of motivation to attack people.

A car is a hell of a lot more likely to kill you than a shark, and the both have about the same amount of malice. Just because a fear is common, does not make it justified. They don't have "plenty" of motivation to attack people. The majority of shark attacks are simply because the shark mistakes the human for prey (which humans are not natural prey for sharks due tot he fact that we don't live in the water). Also if sharks (or any other species) suddenly went completely extinct, there would be an impact that you would definitely feel. The balance of nature is more fragile than you may think, that's not "stupid hippie garbage" as you so ignorantly dismissed it as, or did you skip that class in grade school where they teach you about the food chain?

I've read some of your posts here before and I could easily mistake you for a troll.

Either way you are badly misinformed to a point of ignorance. Please tell me your reasoning on why if a species goes extinct it has a major impact on humans or nature.
Tom Brady

User Info: Paladin Z

Paladin Z
4 years ago#74
BigBee2005 posted...
o5pr3y posted...
Sharks are no more scary than spiders or snakes, but tons of people have an irrational fear of them as well.

I love sharks in real life. I find them mesmerizing. But the way they slink silently through the murky waters towards their prey has a very eerie feeling which I can't help but think of as I play Farcry. Until I was actually attacked by a shark in the game, the suspence of a possible shark attack was pretty damn unnerving.

I'm with you on that one! There's some treasure I want to get that is within a wreck in shark infested waters which I tried to obtain the other day but got attacked by a couple! It didn't really help that I couldn't immediately figure out which part of the wreck the treasure was located either so I was bumbling about a bit.

I have since upgraded my swimming ability so hopefully when I have another go it may be a little easier the second time round :-)

I got bit by a brown recluse. It damn near killed me just from the bite, then I almost died due to having an allergic reaction with the medicine for the bite. I nearly died twice within about 10 days. My fear is quite freaking rational.

Something that has no reason to be dangerous to us due to us being orders of magnitude larger than it, actually being a decent danger to us due to a fluke of nature, spider venom is meant to paralyze and kill prey and yet it works(brown recluse, black widow some others) very effectively against us, is quite freaking terrifying. Particularly when you have seen it's effect in action.

I think about that day, about fourteen years ago, almost every single day.
(message deleted)

User Info: rk_711

4 years ago#76
Final bump.
Tom Brady


4 years ago#77
Im not afraid of any of the animals but i have only seen 2 crocs in like 40 hours of game play

User Info: Bubba787

4 years ago#78
Ephidel88 posted...

Okay, there are some logic problems here though. Sharks are ocean creatures. They don't live on the beaches. They live in open water, and happen to go around beaches sometimes. Sure, millions of people go to beaches and such every year, but how many go for a swim in open water with no land in sight? I know there haven't been many Giant Squid deaths historically either, but would you go swimming with them because of the statistics?

I am not afraid of sharks, as humans aren't standard fare for them, but if one is hungry enough, I'm a meal. Plain and simple.

...So wrong. I really don't care about this little debate, I agree sharks can be unnerving and create fear (irrational I will add) in people, but avoiding the beach/ocean because of them is silly IMO.

In any case, yes sharks live in open water, but they are literally swimming by beach goers in 4 feet of water constantly and we just don't see them. I've lived in Myrtle Beach my entire life and have seen a few sharks every summer, some while I'm swimming. Literally 10 feet away while I'm standing in 4 foot deep water. People catch baby sharks all the time at the pier. So there are no logic problems here, swimming in open water has no relevance, and you need to get your facts straight before spouting nonsense.

To put it in your simple words: Sharks actually "live" on beaches.
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User Info: LandfillAO

4 years ago#79
rk_711 posted...
Son, you are misinformed.

1) Most sharks are coastal. If you live in a major coastal city, then chances are that you've been within 10 meters of a shark and just didn't know it. They live their because that's where the food is.

2) Sharks are not close to being the biggest predator in the ocean. Dolphins, all whales that eat fish, (which is a large number) and rays are larger than sharks. And just because a large predator disappears doesn't mean that fish population will skyrocket. Other species will spread out the fish so it will not existent.

3) People die in car accidents at an alarming rate. Everyone comes in contact with cars though. But most people also live on the coast, so chances are most of them have been close to a shark at somepoint. Hundreds of thousands die a day from cars, but their were less than shark attacks last year.

4) Sharks can live in shallow water, a depth of 5 feet is quite enough room them. In fact most tend to stay at that range.

I love condescending people.

Son, you misinterpret my use of the word "biggest". It was not to do with stature or size. It was used in the context that they are among the top predators of the sea.

I live in Los Angeles and know plenty of people who have never seen the pacific ocean. So I really don't understand this argument that most of the world's population lives by the coast, as if all 12 million people in LA county go to the beach year round. Very few people I know even go to the beach more than twice a year.

As for Sharks going extinct not having an impact on the ocean: lol. Sharks are very important to the ocean. Not just to keep the fish population down, but for many other reasons. First of all, if there is a massive spike in fish population, the sea level rises. Horrible for the environment, don't you think?

Sharks are also used by fisherman and scientists as indicators for the fish population. Sharks indicate there is prey near by, better aiding humans to find fish.

Also it's said that if sharks were to go extinct, it would completely alter where fish resided. That many fish would leave the area, making it much more difficult for fishing etc. I believe something along these lines has already happened with the sea otter.

Not to mention you say that other fish would just eat the fish that the sharks ate, but who eats those fish? Unless Orca move into the area (as they tend to stay away from Shark infested areas), then there is nothing that is taking the Sharks place in killing the 2nd biggest (not in size, just in case there is another misunderstanding about the context of the word) predator in those areas.

You simply cannot take a predator as high up on the food chain as a shark and expect that the impact will be non existent, and that is proven to be the case more times than not.

User Info: gspot0909

4 years ago#80
The crocs just literally scared me. Just to be swimming and than *snap!* scared the hell out of me.
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