A sad trend in video games continues...

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User Info: cheese785

5 years ago#21
I agree, I think a nice selection of AI manipulation and physics cheats could be really fun in this game. I enjoy messing around in the Map Editor because you can create some pretty insane scenarios, but it would be cool to be able to create similar things in the actual game world.

User Info: BTBAMalaska

5 years ago#22
Shmoiken posted...
rockyoumonkeys posted...
I think the people who complain that game developers don't let them play their games wrong are the same people who ate all their Legos as kids.

I think people who complain about the way others play a GAME didn't have friends at recess and lack any trace of creativity or imagination.
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User Info: banshee_35086

5 years ago#23
remember goldeneye 64.......paintball mode....DK mode.....

And some of the older Turok games........good stuff to play around back then

User Info: stekim40

5 years ago#24
Achievements or cheats.. Pick one, you can't have both.

Reason #534 Why achievements are the worse thing to come to gaming since lenslok.
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User Info: Staticnova

5 years ago#25
My opinion on cheats is this:

I'm totally fine with cheats if they're implemented in a way that doesn't interfere with the core of the game. So, a new game+ mode where cheats are enabled would be great, but I wouldn't welcome them in a first playthrough.

I guess this is more of an opinion from a design perspective, because while I know I could just refrain from using cheats as a player, the point is that they put them in the game in the first place. I just feel as though if cheats can **** about with the story or even just the initial experience of the whole game, it sort of devalues it. I'm a sucker for certain aspects staying intact, like needing to pick up ammo and needing to use cover. Just experiencing the game's universe. I like the engaging nature of mechanics in games.

It's like in online games; wallhacking and all that jazz would be fun for about a minute for me. Actually experiencing the game and out-doing other players using the competitive tools provided is infinitely more fun. Don't think I'll ever understand cheaters.
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User Info: CruorComa

5 years ago#26
I know dick about programming and playtesting, so I'm in no capacity to comment on the ease of cheat implementation in this console generation.
If you have a problem with potheads, throw your computer out the window right now. Why should you be able leech off the creativity of those you condemn?

User Info: KLOUDrocks

5 years ago#27
I don't really care for cheats and haven't used them on a console since the NES days (those extra lives were needed for Contra, man), but I don't mind if others use them so long as they don't interfere with achievements and such (assuming we're just talking about solo play here). Still, it sounds like you should switch to PC, TC. If you want mods, then that'd most certainly make the most sense.

Oh, and I don't think it counts as a trend. There are just as many games out there with cheats as there were before. It's just that some of the bigger-name publishers (Ubisoft, for instance) tend not to implement them.

User Info: squiggy9996999

5 years ago#28
LOL a cheat whining thread?! seriously?

User Info: Webstedge

5 years ago#29
maybe the devs just didn't feel like putting them in

cheats are stuff I only had fun with as a kid anyway, nowadays I prefer the game experience as intended

User Info: A_Hairy_Waffle

5 years ago#30
stekim40 posted...
Achievements or cheats.. Pick one, you can't have both.

Reason #534 Why achievements are the worse thing to come to gaming since lenslok.

You can have both though. All they have to do is.disable achievements when a cheat is used.
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