Hidding bodies bugged?

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User Info: shakeNspray

4 years ago#11
you also have to add in the factor of the blood trail leading to murder victim. You have to cover that up too, or make sure it's not in the clear path of one of the other guards.

User Info: Smashingpmkns

4 years ago#12
From: Webstedge | #007
Smashingpmkns posted...
It's not really a bug, more like poor programming. They really tried to emphasize stealth but they didn't really do a great job at it, compared to other games of that nature. It's still a great game, and there are ways to get around it. It does get annoying though when you shoot a crate with an animal in it with a silenced sniper and they all automatically know exactly what bush you're in half a mile away from the outpost.

I think you're doing stealth wrong. They definitely never find me after I shoot animal cages.

Also I have no problem hiding bodies either. If the body ever gets in an enemy's line of sight they'll find it, so just hide it out of the way of any enemy patrols behind a bush or something and they'll never see it. If they still notice then just hide them farther away- draw them out into the woods with rocks and kill them behind some trees.

Well I can tell you I'm definitely not doing stealth wrong. The game just isn't made as stealth friendly as everyone who blindly defends it believes it to be. This game's stealth mechanic is definitely one of it's biggest weak points.

User Info: BrokenTusk

4 years ago#13
a_of posted...
I did some testing. I tried to shoot the animal cage without being detected.
It's impossible. No mater if I am hiding, and I shoot with a silenced weapon, they ALWAYS get alerted and go DIRECTLY to where I am.
I am thinking this is related to me playing on the highest difficulty, or bad programming as previously mentioned.

where are you shooting the cages from? If its from right next to / near a guy then yeah they probably heard the shot even over the suppressor. If its from up on a hill with a silenced sniper rifle then yeah thats a bug.
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User Info: moonkill3

4 years ago#14
a_of posted...
I am pretty sure they didn't spot me, and I was awarded only 550XP with a no alarms bonus.
With the stealth should be 1500, right?

If the white enemy alert bar fills at any time,even during a takedown then you won't get undetected bonus.


4 years ago#15
I never have any problem's with hiding bodies or shooting animal cages. Very few bodies get discovered if hidden well, and if caught, it's usually down to me.

Shooting cages work a treat every time, and I usually think about my vantage point.

Either people have bugged copies of the game, or they are doing something wrong, as the stealth in this works fine for me.
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