Things we learn from Far Cry 3

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User Info: FatalX7

5 years ago#11
You can swim in one foot of water.

User Info: weapon_d00d816

5 years ago#12
You can fire left-handed weapons without fear of a hot shell casing going down your shirt.
p + w > 9000, where p is the power level and w is what the scouter said about it.

User Info: mrmontie

5 years ago#13
A single caged tiger can take out a fortified encampment of trained and heavily armed soldiers in seconds.

User Info: Creeping_Dark

5 years ago#14
Killing innocent civilians is reasonable grounds for seppuku, whether you like it or not.
ely <3

User Info: OnePolishGuy

5 years ago#15
OnePolishGuy posted...
A near-death fall can be treated in a matter of seconds by popping your thumb back in its socket.

Alternatively, you can rip a bullet out of your wrist *with your teeth* if you happen to strike a tree going 60 MPH.

Stretchers, resuscitations and ambulance rides are overrated. We just need a good set of chompers and some wheels.
"...and when there was no meat, we ate fowl and when there was no fowl, we ate crawdad and when there was no crawdad to be found, we ate sand. "

User Info: cookieboy70

5 years ago#16
Always wear ******* kevlar during sex.
got blunt?

User Info: Master_Sarnath

5 years ago#17
Rakyat soldiers have the bullets and nothing to be afraid of.
with evil prism eye

User Info: Geno146

5 years ago#18
Running over sharks with a jet ski is the best hunting method.
"No wonder the aliens are always trying to kill us in movies. Even we think we deserve annihilation." -SinisterSamurai

User Info: Knux58

5 years ago#19
GT/Steam: Knux57 || YouTube/Let's Play Channel:
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User Info: BrokenTusk

5 years ago#20
cookieboy70 posted...
Always wear ******* kevlar during sex.

^this but I am assuming you mean stab proof and not bullet proof kevlar

injecting drugs can make your bullets do more damage

tiger bites/2nd degree burns from a flamethrower/machete wounds on the shoulder or neck can all be fixed by digging a bullet out with a stick

Always read the fine print when dealing with someone named Buck

Don't trust DJs named Doug.

pirates/privateers will think the rebels are just ****ing with them by killing off every other guard at an outpost

if you are scared, get high, then you won't be as scared.

you may have a body count in triple digits, killed humans in sadistic and horrible ways but carving up that deer...EWWWW.

people with give you guns for free as long as you fix their radios.
HK-47: Can I break his neck now master? It's been a long time fantasy of mine. You: Maybe later..
HK-47: Did you hear that meatbag? "I'LL BE BACK!"
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