Biggest Mistake = OK so on a Jungle Island, why the hell are their no Raptors??

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  3. Biggest Mistake = OK so on a Jungle Island, why the hell are their no Raptors??

User Info: VelvenCross

4 years ago#81
VishuzVenum posted...
"like a drunk parrot"


Anyways....This is answer:

(fine I'll add IMO for you peeps out there)

DINOS in Far Cry 3 would be absolutely devastating to EVERY OTHER GAME OUT THERE!!!! It would definitely have to be a DLC and NO RESKINS. Also flying dinos (i can't remember their names...teradactyls?) T-Rex a must, UTAH Raptors (never knew about that until this thread) and all the other cool dinos out there. It should be a time rip after jason fires an rpg at one of the real life dinos in the game (sharks ppl sharks) and this way we can have ALL the current aminals PLUS the dinos!!! Imagine a T-Rex chowing down on a tiger or a bear!!! Awesome!!!

There are two 'real life' dinos in this game, and you name... Shark? Granted there aren't very many Crocodiles to notice them really, but Komodos are impossible to miss. If they did add actual Dinosaurs to this (which hopefully never happens) it would be a disappointment. If Ubisoft ever decided to do it, they should make a whole new game with Dinosaurs as the focus, not an add-on.

A revamped sandbox version of Dino Crisis would be better than Far Cry w/ Dinosaur DLC. But neither Capcom or Ubisoft could pull it off, so dream on.


4 years ago#82
A dino DLC would be awesome, but not in the vanilla game please.

I wanted for there to be a dinosaur island in Just Cause 2 soooo bad. Now THAT game is begging for dinos! You could prob ride the damn things if you wanted! Plus it would have fit in with the games story, I mean, if there are (spoilers) 100+ y/o Japanese WWII soliders then there can be dinos. - If you played Mystical Ninja 64, you need to click this.

User Info: Macdaddyruss1

4 years ago#83
we need dino's
have you ever Chap-Sticked a Cats Butt in a LIghtning Storm?

User Info: yellowater

4 years ago#84
you know. The cassaway that ostrich looking bird...well technally is considered a raptor.

User Info: nickybhardc

4 years ago#85
No one sees this is a troll topic?
Hey wait, maybe trolls in the jungle would be cool.......

User Info: andrewk531

4 years ago#86
Biggest Mistake = OK so on a Jungle Island, why the hell are their no Raptors??

USMC Cpl Erickson, Andrew K

User Info: ndf98765

4 years ago#87
jcarey72 posted...
zombies would be cool too. yeah, pc mods get the best stuff. i heard there is a Jurassic Park mod in development for I think Half Life 2...

I thought there were zombies (Trigens?) in one of the FC games......but yeah, there was a MASSIVE opportunity to go off-piste here with the story (a remote island where the Japanese did some chemical weapons testing!!) and they didn't. Even the research facility add-on was hugely disappointing - I was convinced I'd see a zombie or two shuffling round in there......

User Info: samantha_sneez

4 years ago#88
Hmmmm.....maybe because dinosaurs don't exist anymore...? That might have something to do with it.
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