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User Info: Doughy1882

4 years ago#1
Hi all

I just started playing this (still on first grid of map).

I've upgraded most of my packs once and some twice. I'm about to head north to take out the 2nd compound and get some sharks skins for the last weapon sling upgrade.

Is it feasible once I have done that to explore the north island and disable all the radio towers. From what I can see there are another 10 up here.

Am I going to have a hard time doing this? Or should I just leave them and unlock them as I progress through the story?

Also, where are the nearest bears and dingoes please?


User Info: Eremyndil

4 years ago#2
Radio Towers are no trouble at all. Doing so will let you see where dingoes are located (the icon looks more like a fox). If you want to unlock weapons by buying them then do that before activating the Towers; if you like exploring and hunting then this will be no problem.

I explored, hunted and fought pirates a lot, moving the story forward whenever I ran out of skills to acquire. Got most of the early weapons and then activated the towers on the north island; the ones on the south island I activated a bit faster. I left about 10 outposts for endgame. After I clear the outposts I am going to buy some of the maps (not going to find the 40 relics I'm missing on my own).
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User Info: Doughy1882

4 years ago#3

Will make a start on that tonight.

User Info: HEwhoASK

4 years ago#4
If I was to make a suggestion, I would say to cap all of the towers followed by gathering all of the pelts you need for upgrades. Of course you can not get the rare pelts until you capture the bases, which is what I would suggest to do next. Then start the main quest. I found it more enjoyable and more suiting for the hardest difficulty. Also do the Rakyak Warrior challenges, you get something amazing after doing six of them, possibly the best "OH ****, I NEED HELP!" gun in the game. You can get all six challenges on the first island.

User Info: DarthMichael20

4 years ago#5
I just finished the game and my recommendation is to NOT buy any weapons until you have progressed at least half way. You eventually unlock them all anyway. (Except for the signature weapons) There are some attachments that are worth buying but that is personal preference. I always went with a stealth approach in taking on the outposts. All my weapons had silencers. I would pull out my camera and tag everyone I could see from a distance and use a sniper rifle to engage. Sometimes I wouldnt even have to enter the camp to liberate it. While you are scanning with your camera you will occasionally see some caged animals. Shoot the cages to release them and they do most of the work for you.
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User Info: MrDummy

4 years ago#6
Also to get the most out of this game, I recommend turning off everything in options menu, but vibration, grenade indicator and pick warrior mode.

The look inversion y is up to u.

Also, on the map screen uncheck all boxes that u can.

Makes game more immersive IMO...
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