Items to keep and vendor trash?

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User Info: Deganveram

4 years ago#1
I just started playing and I am running into a bunch of items. All have the recommended use sell but I am not sure if some are collectable. I heard that cards can be collectible but would there be anywhere to store them so they aren't cluttering my rucksack? Is there only one set of cards? I also have meth and pick handcuffs and a miniflashlight, dog tags and an ivory carving. Not sure if any of this stuff has any use.

User Info: HaloFan3000

4 years ago#2
If it's not a herb or a pelt you can sell it.
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User Info: therenegadenail

4 years ago#3
nah just sell it, keep the animals until you build everything then sell that too

User Info: nubs222

4 years ago#4
They are all vendor trash, only animal skins are used for crafting and once you've crafted everything that uses that skin they become vendor trash as well.
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User Info: DarthMichael20

4 years ago#5
You only really need to keep the animal pelts until you can finish your slings and p pouches, etc. After that you can sell everything. The plants come in handy in crafting syringes but they are so abundant you don't really have to carry a bunch of them. When you are ay a vendor and selling things you will see tje "recomendation" for what to do with each item.
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User Info: Edalborez

4 years ago#6
You can't sell collectibles.

If the item says "Recommended use: sell" it is 100% vendor trash.

If it's for crafting (plants/skins), it depends. Blue and White plants are literally unusable early on so those can be sold. Red and Yellow syringes are situational and don't require keeping a lot of spares. Extra greens on top of any medicine is worth keeping usually.

As for skins, also depends on whether or not you need it anymore, now or later. Here's what each upgrade needs skin-wise (not counting the rare animal skins):

Weapon Holsters:
-Goat x1
-Deer x2
-Shark x2

-Pig x1
-Cassowary x2
-Shark x2

Loot Rucksacks
-(first one is basically automatic Boar stuff from tutorial)
-Tapir x2
-Dingo x4

Syringe Kit
-Pig x1
-Dog x3
-Leopard x2

-Boar x2
-Buffalo x2
-Tiger x2

Grenade Pouch
-Goat x2
-Deer x2
-Komodo Dragon x3

-Goat x2
-Leopard x2
-Bear x2

Flamethrower Fuel
-Dog x2
-Boar x2
-Komodo Dragon x2

Rocket Pack
-Deer x1
-Dingo x4
-Tiger x3

Arrow Quivers
-Goat x1
-Tapir x2
-Bear x2

Final bill of goods:
-Bear x4
-Boar x4
-Buffalo x2
-Cassowary x2
-Deer x7
-Dingo x8
-Dog x5
-Komodo Dragon x8
-Leopard x4
-Goat x8
-Pig x2
-Shark x4
-Tapir x4
-Tiger x5

Anything that comes from something annoying or semi-rare (Tiger, Bear, Shark) should be kept. Most other skins, if you can't immediately use them or easily get the pre-req crafts done, should be sold for space.

User Info: Deganveram

4 years ago#7
Alright, thanks guys. Will save a ton of ruck space.

User Info: nyte_blayde

4 years ago#8
1) Go to Sell Screen
2) Press X.
3) Confirm
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User Info: weapon_d00d816

4 years ago#9
There are no chests for permanent storage, so just sell it.
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